Frequently Asked Questions

Howdy gang,

I’m starting to receive a lot of questions, all of which I’m happy to either answer or provide/create a resource to help out. I thought it’d be smart to create a page devoted to those FAQs.


Here are some answers to the most common questions:

  1. WEFTY needle
  2. Fusible interfacing underneath
  3. Folded like bias tape
  4. Masking tape and a short stitch
  5. Zipper on the seam
  6. Foam Board
  7. Hex Weave and Mad Weave
  8. Tara’s Triaxial Weave Tutorial
  9. My Oliver & S Apparel Tutorial

If these answers don’t seem to fit your questions,  ask away.

14 thoughts on “Frequently Asked Questions

  1. You’ve already answered this for me but someone else may have the same question:

    What do I do if my strips aren’t long enough? Can I sew them together or do I need continuous yardage?

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      1. Alright, next questions!

        1. How on earth do you make the time to work on all your creations?! I’m still trying to iron my way through the strips. It’s getting faster with practice but is there a secret I’m missing?

        2. What do you do about threads that show up during weaving? Clip them as you go or at the end?

        Thank you for starting a FAQ page so we can pick your brain!


      2. 1. There is no secret to quickness. But it does get quicker the more you do it.

        2. I like clip them in chunks. Like I’ll weave like 6 rows, clip those, marvel in my awesomeness, then repeat the process. A lot of them are loose and can be pulled though.


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