Howdy! Howdy! This is Mathew Boudreaux (AKA Mister Domestic), presently residing in the Pacific Northwest with my husband, our 3-year-old daughter Helena, and two cats Jordan & Camden. I am originally from Houston, TX and have managed to live all over the country during my adult life, but finally settled down and call Camas, Washington home. During the day, I work in the pharmaceutical industry specializing in oncology, but am an artist by heart and have jokingly referred to myself as an artistic gypsy flowing from theater to modeling to photography to sewing.

I had learned to sew as a kid, but never really got into it until we had our daughter. I thought it would be a great way to connect with her if I could make her cool clothes. Almost 40, I felt that my taste-level had arrived and that I could make some pretty neat-o digs, if only I could figure out how to do it. Before Helena could even crawl, my husband bought me a couple sewing classes at Modern Domestic in Portland, which was the perfect jumpstart that I needed because I haven’t stopped since.

Contact: MisterDomestic@outlook.com

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  1. Hi, Mathew! So glad I tracked you down! I’ve seen your daughter’s amazing secret agent trench coat in several places in just a few days, and the Hawthorne Threads newsletter says you’re making one in denim, too. You are one creative artist, Mister Domestic, and I am gladly subscribing in order to keep an eye on you 🙂

  2. ‘Artistic Gypsy’ – I love that! For myself, I have always used the term ‘Dabbler’ to mean much the same thing. It is always a treat to meet ‘another one ‘ expressing their artistic creative spirit in many different ways. And hello neighbor from Vancouver.

      1. Mr. Domestic, love your video instructions soooo to the point cutting through the fog of sewing and making it clear. BUT,,,, when you use wonder tape, I bought some, and sew through the tape does the glue adhere to the needle, as mine did, and I had to change needle. What am I doing wrong?

      2. Did you heat set it and let it cool before sewing? Mostly the wondertape should be inside of the seam allowance so you shouldn’t even be sewing over it. Try both heat setting and cooling and adjusting where you put it

  3. Hey Matthew, found out about Mister Domestic and your wonderful creations, through an Australian website, called “http://www.babyology.com.au”. These designs are so creative and unique. The colour, design and weaving technique that is integrated into each individual piece of clothing and backpack, is simply remarkable. You truly have a great gift and I would be over the moon, as I am sure many others would, if you decided to go into business, selling these works of art. Please consider. Blessings, Kelly.

  4. I love your weaving and really want to get into it. I quilt and sew. I have a question. Why don’t you weaving with the wrong side up so you don’t have to flip it? Thanks for your ideas.

    1. To me, that would be like sewing only looking at the seams and not the front. I basically just wanna see my weave emerge as I’m weaving. And if you use tape on the border, it’s honestly no big deal to flip it. However, now I mostly weave with interfacing underneath and then I press the weave with a steam iron when I’m done to set it before unpinning.

  5. I noticed that you were wearing really cool pants in one of your pictures. They were two different colors of gray. Did you make them? I LOVE them!!!

  6. HI Matthew. I am an artistic gypsy too. I paint, sew, quilt, weave, and spin yarn. I have also done some acting on stage and in one TV commercial. I have also made jewelry. In the past, I did hair design – but didn’t find it artistically fulfilling. (Where I live probably was the reason.)
    I worked in healthcare also. I was in public health and retired from it.

    I love your “I am a maker” shirt. I need one of those.

  7. I would LOVE a tutorial on spinning seams of Half-Square Triangle blocks where there are more pieces of fabric plus the diagonal seam in the corner. And, in real 1/4” seam size so we can see the best way to accomplish them. Thanks so much!

  8. Hey Mathew, I just discovered your blog and shared your woven basket tutorial (it’s GORGEOUS) on my fabric shop blog at More Love Mama Global Textiles. Then I came to find out a little more about you and discovered we have a few crazy connections. You’re from Houston and I am located in Houston (well, Cypress). You moved to Camus and I adopted 5 of my 6 kids through an organization based in Camus. So while I’ve never been there myself, I know quite a few people who live there! Love your blog, love your Pinterest Page! You have a new follower!

  9. Hi..I ordered the More than a pocket bag from Cotton Cuts and am having trouble finding some of the items I need for it. I also have questions about it. Is there someway I can find these? And I have questions about it also
    Denise Bell

  10. I so love watching your videos. You put a smile on my face and somtimes I actually laugh out loud. Thank you so much for bringing joy back to my life. Can’t wait to try the EPP techniques.

  11. Matthew, how have I just now discovered you? When you said “super duper in your rug tutorial I thought “Okay, where’s the subscribe button? This guy is cool.”
    (My husband has said for years “we need more use of super duper in the world.) You are so entertaining and fun. You feature some great videos and I am going to have the best time learning from you. Thanks for sharing your talents with all of us here on the other side of the screen. I can’t wait to get started on the rug, and so many other projects.
    Hugs to you my new friend.

  12. Hi Matthew, discovered your site about a month ago and enjoy it so much. I have made the Swedish fabric star, but I got my Wefty today so on to bigger and badder fabric weaving!

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