Ten Days AFTER: DIY Style

If you watched my Favorite Sewing Notions for 2019 video, you already have been introduced to the magnificence that is DIY Style. Their magnetic cutting and pattern systems are revolutionary and sure to take over the sewing and crafting industries.

Ten Days AFTER! 

Join in the fun, win some prizes, and get some great deals to outfit your dream sewing space! This week, I have been invited to join in on the party for day 7 and I’ll be giving away a prize of my own in addition to what DIYStyle is offering.


FQ Bundle of his PlayRoom Fabric, from Art Gallery Fabrics!
DIYStyle $50 Gift Certificate


  • Today is day 7, so for 4 more days this party is running strong.
  • Post an answer to our “Question of the Day” on BOTH my blog and on DIYStyle!–as your entry with your email address–by entering the contest you agree to be added to our email list 
  • Check the coupon codes for the “Deals of the Day”, along with the code expiration. Here’s the code for y’all for 20% off until midnight on January 4th: 10DaysDay7
  • Have fun! Only one post/entry per day.



Make sure to answer the question of the day in the comments here and on DIYStyle to be entered for both giveaways. And if you would rather purchase the system, make sure to use the coupon code 10DaysDay7, which is good until January 4th at midnight.

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143 thoughts on “Ten Days AFTER: DIY Style

  1. Yes, I have a dedicated sewing space. I have a room in the basement that houses my sewing machine, cutting area and book shelves. I also have “extra supplies, aka curated collection” stored on shelves elsewhere in the house. I am so very fortunate.

  2. Yes, I have a corner of the family room (well maybe a bit more than a corner!) I have 2 tables, several bins of fabric, and a bookshelf that has lots of crafting books and fabric for projects “up next.” I have one sewing machine (that I use all the time) and a serger. I also have my mom’s featherweight that needs some maintenance — that’s on my to-do list for this year. I learned to sew on it and I love it very much. I like sewing in the family room so I can be near my husband while he watches football on TV.

  3. This year I decided to turn a small spare bedroom into my sewing/craft room. After my mom passed in 2008 we decided to rearrange bedrooms and give my daughter a bigger bedroom. Since then that spare room became the catch all room. I finally decided this past spring to give that room a new life after I decided to learn hout to quilt in March. I already need a bigger room!!😁

  4. Right now, I sew at my dining room table. I’m working on clearing out a space in my basement where I can spread out and organize my fabric.

  5. I have to sew at the dining table, however a few friends got together to form a quilting club. We (Quilty Pleasures or the QP’s) meet at least once a month in a church where we all have plenty of room to spread out.

  6. I’ve been using the kitchen table but I’m happy to say I will soon be getting my “Art Room” back now that hubby doesn’t need the entire room for his office.

  7. have a dedicated corner of the spare bedroom. Since I share it with my daughter and her computer we just call the room “That room”, because “room of requirement” takes took long to say.

  8. Kind of lol. I have taken over our living room and kitchen table. It’s a small house and the kids are big and we didn’t use the LR much so it is being transformed for my weaving and sewing.

  9. Yes, thank goodness! My partner loves my space and keeping my “stuff” in my space. She has helped set it up. It is a large room with lots of windows. I have my favorite, daily use machine Pfaff 4.2, this is the most amazing machine! I have a few vintage machines as well. I am very blessed. I can go in my studio and de-stress every weekend from my daily job & love it.

  10. I took one of my boys rooms after he grew up and moved out on his own. I put new flooring in and fresh paint, my cutting table and sewing desk and now it’s my own special space. It’s decorated just for me and I love it.

  11. I have a wonderful sewing room in my basement my closet is floor to ceiling shelves, my walls are covered with my creations. I built an ironing table on wheels with storage cubbies. I have a radio playing NPR and day bed for when I get worn out!

  12. No. I am working in my bedroom. I have several shelves and an extra dresser filled to the brim with my sewing things. It is getting really crowded.

  13. I have an extra bedroom that I use for my sewing room. I have a serger, a sewing machine and a cutting table in there. I use my dining room table to lay out my quilts.

  14. Unfortunately, I don’t have a separate sewing room where I currently live. I have carved out about a 6-7 foot section of my greatroom by the windows as my sewing space. In that area I have my sewing machine, cutting table, ironing board and sit-down quilter. One day I hope to ahve a sewing room again.

  15. I use our middle sized bedroom as my sewing studio. I have multiple sewing machines, so the room is a bit crowded. I have three bookcases full of books and an antique cupboard that houses all my buttons. I try to keep it neat with inspirational ideas posted on my two bulletin boards.

  16. Our extra room is the creating room. Large pegboard on one wall & design wall opposite wall! Sewing machine sits corner desk aside of the only small window! Love watching birds from there! Thank you for your spirit & talents!

  17. As I am new to sewing, I use my work desk but all my equipment is on an utility cart on wheels so everything is always ready 🙂

  18. I have a room dedicated to sewing. One full wall is cabinets and I just got a Kangaroo cabinet for my machine. I’m in Heaven!

  19. I am currently in my formal dining room. I have outgrown and need to find a larger room with more space and lighting.

  20. I have a new sewing room and am currently working on my design wall. I love having a work space already set up for sewing and cutting.

  21. When my youngest flew from our nest I set up his room as my sewing room. I had never had one of my own before and what a blessing. Having everything organized and within reach keeps the creativity flowing.

  22. Yes I have a dedicated sewing room, It has table and chair storage rack unit and totes with lots of fabric.

  23. Yes, I took over our dining room and it is now “the sewing room”. Our buffet holds both china and sewing/quilting supplies. My sewing machine is never put away and there is fabric, well, everywhere. My ironing board is permanently set up behind our couch, in the living room, so I can iron / press while I watch tv–the ironing station is pretty much permanent, too.

  24. Yes, I do. I have a “bonus room” in my house that is the only room upstairs, and I made that my sewing room. Now to organize it would be a great idea. LOL

  25. When we retired to AZ about 2 years ago, I took over a bedroom for my craft/sewing room. It is my happy place. I have a few Halloween quilts and tops on the walls for decoration as that is my favorite holiday. Also have a couple shelves with Halloween decor including some witch’s hats, spiders, bats, masks, and skulls.

  26. My room started out as a junk room, then became my baby granddaughter’s room, and finally morphed into my sewing room when I retired from teaching. I scrounge furnishings and bought a tabletop and legs from Ikea for my sewing machine. Then I found a huge wooden table for $20 and use it for cutting and ironing. Some day my room will be pretty and well-organized…

  27. Yes, thankfully, I do and I absolutely love being able to leave all of my creativity (a.k.a. messes) spread all around, I have taken over most of the basement and love having all of that room! ♥

  28. I sew in my dining room. I keep the machine cabinet at one end of the dining table. If I have guests, I close up the cabinet and use the closed surface for serving. I have no dedicated space for cutting or ironing.

  29. Not currently. I have fabric stored in spaces in three different rooms and do my sewing at the dining room table when I have time to sew. Getting reorganized is my number one priority for 2020 (along with actually getting some sewing done).

  30. I feel very fortunate to have a whole room upstairs in my old house to use for my sewing space. It is cluttered and homey, but practically the only reason to go upstairs is if you are going to my sewing room. Or if you want to stay in the guest room, which is also my sewing room annex. 🙂 Love my out of the way sewing room!

  31. I have a small bedroom that is my dedicated sewing space… but I can often overflow into other areas of the house!

  32. Yes. It started out as an extra bedroom. The extra bedroom became a guest bedroom. Now it is my sewing craft room. I can make a mess and shut the door.

  33. Yes I have a 12 x 40 storage building that we converted into a quilting shop for all my Quilty stuff and my Longarm business. Thank you Mom! Foster Creek Designs, fins ya on Facebook and a Instagram. I loved getting to meet you at IQS at Houston at the LDS booth. Totally made by day!

  34. I just moved to a rental for the next 6 months until our home is ready. First thing I did is buy a large table from Staples to set up my sewing area. Can;’t wait til I have my real sewing room in our new house

  35. I have an bedroom on our second floor for right now. We are working on a shed on our property that we are renovating so I can move all my sewing machines and longarm and use year round. 🙂

  36. I have one room dedicated to my sewing area. I use 2 sewing machines. One for pricing and one for quilting. I also make lots of items besides quilts.

  37. I currently work on the dining room table, but this will be the year I get a real sewing room. I’ve been planning it for a while, so I’m very excited to finally see it become a reality!

  38. I have two rooms dedicated to my sewing. One has my serger and large sewing embroidery machine. The other room includes a large cutting table and storage unit or my fabrics, both from Ikea.

  39. Yes, I have a 100 year old house with a sunroom on the side, inside it is connected to the living room by french doors, it is tiny but surrounded by windows so there is beautiful light. It was tiny, or go to the dark basement…Lol, now you know!

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