Ten Days AFTER: DIY Style

If you watched my Favorite Sewing Notions for 2019 video, you already have been introduced to the magnificence that is DIY Style. Their magnetic cutting and pattern systems are revolutionary and sure to take over the sewing and crafting industries.

Ten Days AFTER! 

Join in the fun, win some prizes, and get some great deals to outfit your dream sewing space! This week, I have been invited to join in on the party for day 7 and I’ll be giving away a prize of my own in addition to what DIYStyle is offering.


FQ Bundle of his PlayRoom Fabric, from Art Gallery Fabrics!
DIYStyle $50 Gift Certificate


  • Today is day 7, so for 4 more days this party is running strong.
  • Post an answer to our “Question of the Day” on BOTH my blog and on DIYStyle!–as your entry with your email address–by entering the contest you agree to be added to our email list 
  • Check the coupon codes for the “Deals of the Day”, along with the code expiration. Here’s the code for y’all for 20% off until midnight on January 4th: 10DaysDay7
  • Have fun! Only one post/entry per day.



Make sure to answer the question of the day in the comments here and on DIYStyle to be entered for both giveaways. And if you would rather purchase the system, make sure to use the coupon code 10DaysDay7, which is good until January 4th at midnight.

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While I don’t promote anything unless I legit love it, this post contains affiliate links.

143 thoughts on “Ten Days AFTER: DIY Style

  1. Yes and no… My sewing machine lives on a table in my back hallway with my yarn stash but I also do a lot of hand sewing all over the house…

  2. Yes do I have a dedicated small sewing space just needs to organize. Still working on where to put all my sewing notions. Can’t wait to see when it’s done. I am a bz mom who stay up all night sewing all my kids clothes and all my desire projects! I’m just too bz doing the day taking care of all my kiddos so I can only sew all my projects a night. My kids called me a midnight Sew!🤪😁 that’s why I called Myself a midnight sewing 🤪😁. Anyway, Hopefully I can get my sewing room all organized by February!😊☺️

    1. I am lucky enough to have a beautiful room for all of my creating!!! I love being in that room! I have a design boardf or the first time and use it ALL of the time!!!! Live is wonderful!!!!!

    I have a dedicated sewing room. 1/2 of my basement. More area to spread and collect more stuff.

  4. I have an office/sewing/craft room. It’s a bit of a disaster at the moment and needs a serious cleanly so I can be more productive!

  5. Yes!! Thank goodness, I’ve finally got a dedicated sewing room. For more than 25 years, my sewing space has been the 3×5 kitchen island. Empty nest and retirement has allowed us to begin transforming 2 bedrooms into a sewing/crafting space.

  6. Happy New Year, Mathew!!!
    I took over the largest bedroom, other than mine, for my sewing room. The closet is huge and my husband made me shelves for it.

  7. I have a dedicated space for sewing and crafting. I am all over the map on what I do – quilting, home dec, trying my hand at garments, plus many other crafts.

  8. My sewing area is in our unfinished basement, I refer to it as my sewing cave. When I am an empty nester it will come back to the bedroom it occupied before my son came along.

  9. I am lucky to have two dedicated sewing studios. Empty nest allows for this luxury. One room is for fabric storage and my cutting table. The other has my sewing machine, long arm, and serger set up and ready to go at a moments notice. Very grateful to have my creative spaces.

  10. We’ve downsized to a 2 bedroom apartment so one bedroom is for sewing only…My husband has added shelves and I have my cutting table set up in the middle of the room. If grandchildren come to visit, they have a blow-up mattress in the living room! But they usually get a quilt every time they sleep on that thing. The inconvenience is worth it.

  11. I am currently in the process of converting a large room that has been used as storage into a full on sewing room.

  12. I did, but my 28 year ood.moved home and I had to use it for her bedroom. I would love to have someone come make me my own space to sew! Thank you for these great giveaways!!!

  13. So, I do! I have an extra bedroom upstairs that is my sewing and quilt piecing studio. And, I converted my garage to my longarm studio! One of the perks of being an empty nester – you get to grab a bedroom for your studio!

  14. No ;( My son moved home last September to buy a house and there went my room. Flash forward over a year later, no house and he has decided to move away. I can’t wait to get my room back. In my head I know exactly where a new sewing area is going, cutting and storage area also.

  15. After the last child flew the cool I transformed one of the spare bedrooms to a complete sewing room and 1/2 of my darling husband’s “Mancave” as a Mid-Arm sewing room. 😊

  16. I sew either on my dining room table or on a small round table in our family room–my sewing room is very small and holds my supplies.

  17. My dedicated space is the dining room lol! With 4 kids, our house is bursting at the seams
    No more spare rooms for me to use as a sewing room!

  18. I started out in a corner of my bedroom, now I have taken over an entire spare bedroom for my sewing space. It isn’t glamorous or huge but it’s “ my” creative zen space!

  19. I do have a space for sewing, but there is no daylight which I need desperately. So, I’m about to start the long process of changing the smallest of my adult daughters’ old bedrooms into a sewing room. It has two windows! I’ll be cleaning out at the same time which makes it a huge project for me. No more basement for me!🙂

  20. I have our dining room packed with my new-to-me Longarm (26″ throat on a 14′ frame… it used to be a big room)and my piecing machine (my inheritance from my grandmother). We had to adjust the office to be a dining area for holidays. Spoiled? Nope, I have earned this.

  21. I do have a sewing space; 5 square feet in our little apartment. Big adjustment from the 15’ x 24’ studio I had in the house, it it’s mine and I’m making it work just fine!

  22. I have waited many, many years to have a space all my own( probably at least 40). For many years my space was a 5 ft. closet with the doors taken off and a door cut to fit as a table top. But now I have a dream room that makes me very happy.

  23. I have a corner of our main room for my sewing. Fabric and most rulers are upstairs, but I have the basics in my sewing corner. I also have two bifold tables that can easily be put up and down for when I need them. I only need the second one when I’m sandwiching my quilt. One stays up a lot. Lol

  24. I do! When I needed to find an apartment, I was sure to rent a 2 BR 😊. So I use the guest room as my sewing room. The bed for it is stored standing on its side in my bedroom, lol. And I’ve overflowed into the hallway and dining area, too 🤪

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