The Death of Mister Domestic YouTube

UPDATE: December 6, 2019 – I have officially regained control of my channel and most of my content. There’s still a lot to sort out and fix, but I wanted to update everyone here until I can put out my video and post explaining everything:

When I first started Mister Domestic four years ago, I had no idea how to predict what it would become. I began sewing five years ago shortly after my daughter was born as a way to connect with her. After my personal Facebook became flooded with sewing stuff, I was merely looking for a place to share my creative journey of sewing and crafting. The combination of my zest for creative energy, me genuinely being an authentically positive dad, and my fearless exploration of new techniques fueled by gratitude became the perfect storm for a growth I never could have anticipated and created an escape for so many from the darkness that the world seems to become more and more each and every day. Mister Domestic is bigger than sewing and crafting. It took a while to fully grasp this because I was just being myself and imposter syndrome is real. It honestly wasn’t until I created the Mister Domestic YouTube Channel when the messages started to pour in about the therapeutic value of my message and spirit in my videos as many of you would listen to me in the background while you created, or watched me when having a down day. Heck, I’ve even received dozens of messages that my channel helped some of you get out of bed and move on from things you never thought you could overcome. Mister Domestic is not me, it’s the community that all of you created with me as the moderator that flourished into something pretty special on the internet. So to think that this has been taken away in the blink of an eye without YouTube actually expending energy into bringing it back breaks my heart.

Despite YouTube showing no signs of actually trying to get my channel back to me, I’m still hoping for a resurrection of my channel. However, my generally positive and optimistic nature is being chiseled away by the lack of actual human contact with YouTube/Google and the seemingly lack of concern from this platform at my loss of content and revenue. Before too much time passes, I felt it prudent to document everything in writing and, as we do in this era, put it into the inter web to share my story and hopefully reach someone that can help me find the happily ever after that we all are hoping for. 

Being Phished

As I was at the airport waiting to board an airplane on November 5, 2019, I received the following email.

Retrospectively, there were things that were suspicious about the email and I know better than to log into something through the link in an email. But I had just posted a video the day before about a new class that I had on another platform, so my initial reaction was that I had violated some nebulous rule on YouTube by posting a video promoting a subscription service and I didn’t want to get in trouble. I clicked the link, entered my username and password and waited approximately 20 seconds as the page toggled before I recognized it as a phishing expedition. I immediately logged into my account on a different device and changed my password. During the 2 minute span of time between getting phished and me changing my password, my account had been logged into from Finland, which I notified as not being me. I had two-factor verification enabled, so I didn’t understand how they got in, but I really didn’t think anything about it since no changes had occurred to my YouTube Channel. I naively thought a crisis was averted and went forward with my day, changing my password on all of my social media accounts just in case. It’s the internet, this kinda stuff happens, thank goodness I caught it in time.

Removal of Ownership

Almost exactly 24 hours after this phishing incident, I received the above emails from YouTube indicating that the ownership of my channel had been removed. I didn’t really understand what this meant, especially since my 2-factor verification was on, so I followed the steps outlined in the following link:

Once again, I thought this had solved it because my channel appeared unchanged. It wasn’t until a few hours later that I realized that I didn’t have access to my YouTube channel even though I could log into my Google Account and changes started to occur on my channel. I Googled this to find out what to do to get access to my channel back and found multiple articles documenting that maybe millions of YouTubers had been the target of this phishing threat. Here’s a link to one of the articles:

Dismantling of Mister Domestic YouTube

It wasn’t until this moment that I realized how difficult it is to reach YouTube in a crisis. After a couple hours of trying to figure out what to do and who to contact, I accidentally discovered a way to chat with someone in YouTube Creator Support that seemed empathetic to what was going on and in the end said he would send me an e-mail to help resolve the issue. [side note I just tried to find it again and after 30 minutes I couldn’t locate it, so clearly it’s not intended to be used by creators] 

I received the above email and sent the information as requested, once again thinking that YouTube was actually going to help me. As time progressed, the videos on my YouTube channel began to disappear with some remaining ones being shortened to a few seconds.

Eventually the channel was changed to “Christina Jones” and political misinformation began being sent to my subscribers who were set to notifications by using thumbnails that had fake information about political candidates and by using the live stream capability to stream Sean Hannity, where at one time thousands of people were watching.  Luckily a friend sent me the emails she was receiving. Unfortunately, the thumbnails went away once my channel was terminated, so I only have the topics in the subject matter documented. I pride myself on creating a politics-free environment, so the fact my subscribers who I shield from this were forced to experience this absolutely broke my heart.

Customer Service Experience

The emails with customer service went back and forth over the course of a couple weeks where I documented the dismantling and misuse of my YouTube Channel in real time before it was eventually terminated. The best way to experience this is to read these screenshots of my emails in order.

At this point, I was able to keep positive, remain hopeful and continued to research what actually happened. That is until I received the following resolution email.

Say what?!? Like how is this where they landed on the investigation? What did they in fact investigate, if they did at all? I provided in real-time documentation as my channel was hijacked, dismantled and terminated and they’re saying that nothing happened and I need to do better with my password security? Needless to say I responded.

Luckily, I had my original channel bookmarked so that I could follow it as it evolved. My question is how did a company that actually knows how to navigate this stuff not connect the dots? At this point, after going back and reading all of the responses from YouTube Creator Support, I’m convinced that this is artificial intelligence instead of actual humans by the canned reuse of responses from multiple “people”. If they were actually humans, the insensitivity of their canned responses are even more disappointing since their platform exists because real folks like me decided to use to provide content. While my channel of 51,000+ subscribers and 150+ videos wasn’t enormous, it was a safe space where folks could come laugh with me to feel better or to learn how to sew/crochet/weave in a positive manner or both. This was stolen from us and, at this point, it doesn’t seem that YouTube actually wants to help fix this, even though I’m aware of other channels that have been reinstated with a higher subscriber count. 

Please Help

I have a few more things to try to get their attention.

  • I was informed by someone who is tech-savvy to tweet @TeamYouTube to let them know what happened and that we need their help. I’m not super active on Twitter and will continue to tweet, regardless. If any of you have a Twitter account, I’m asking you to please tweet about this using @TeamYouTube, @YouTube, and @Mister_Domestic to get their attention. Enough of a groundswell might be enough for them to see us.
  • I also plan to send press releases to various media outlets and sites, particularly in the tech world, to see if any of them will write about it. If you know of any or have any connections to any, please forward this to them asking for help. 
  • And finally, I need this blog post to go viral. If you have reached this point in the blog, I implore you to please share this blog on Facebook, in newsletters, anywhere that someone might be able to read it. And then ask them to forward it too.

Beyond sharing this post of various social media platforms, I can’t think of anything else to do. I’m not throwing in the towel yet, but this whole experience has been pretty violating and every time I reengage in the fight, it’s pretty triggering so I can’t continue the fight too much longer. 

The worst part of this whole thing was the moment that my six-year-old daughter realized what had happened to the Mister Domestic Channel. She never appeared on my channel, but she was there with me as my “director” during most of my shoots, giving me feedback and being involved. Heck she even has been dubbed Little Miss Domestic. And the uncontrollable wailing cry as I held her and she repeated over and over that all of our hard work was stolen is something I hope I never have to hear again. If you follow me, you know she is my heart and right now my heart hurts.

I am so insanely sorry that 30 seconds of me not protecting my information resulted in the destruction of three years of hard work and the community of positivity and learning that we all created together. And no, I didn’t backup my videos, so the content is gone. Huge lesson learned here.

This is not the end of my video journey and I still have a modicum of hope that I will get my channel back, but with every communication from YouTube and day that passes, the hope has begun evolving into grief. 

I love each and every one of you and am so grateful that you have chosen to be a part of my journey to spread joy and positivity through sewing and crafting. Keep it positive, y’all. 

Mister Domestic out…. 

119 thoughts on “The Death of Mister Domestic YouTube

  1. So sorry to hear about your turmoil. Utube needs to get on the ball and help you get your channel back! I totally enjoyed it.

      1. I’ve been a longtime subscriber of your YouTube channel, and you have inspired me to try so many wonderful and creative things. I just reviewed my “subscriptions” on YouTube and Mister Domestic is no longer listed. But when I searched for the name Mister Domestic, I was provided with a list of videos, starting with those that you have made for the Fat Quarter Shop channel. Scrolling down past them I found a Mister Domestic Channel with your regular photo. It has 14 subscribers but no videos… I was about to subscribe, but was afraid it might be the hacker’s channel? Now I’m wondering if it’s the channel that YouTube found when they did their “research”? I’m sharing your blog and will ask friends to do the same. YouTube has the power to do the right thing, it’s just a matter of getting their attention.
        In the meantime, be strong. You are a creative talented, kind, generous and caring person. Focus on your creativity and your inspiration, Helena. Please know that you are a precious gift to us all and I want to thank you for all that you’ve shared and taught me and so many others.
        Dig deep, beyond this difficult time, and there I’m sure you will find your many blessings to carry you through this and to a wonderful Thanksgiving with family and friends.

  2. I am so sorry that this happened to you. I was just looking at some of your old videos the other day. Something better will come out of this situation. Just you wait and see!

    1. I cant even log onto any of his videos except for the ones on other channels. Like art gallery and fqs. Others said they even found the thief’s videos on his channel….this is so messed up. Some people can see the channel and others cant….so aggravating.

  3. I sent a message to the YouTube help center asking them when they would resolve the piracy issue and give Mr. Domestic his channel back!

  4. My son is talking to you on twitter…lol! He has an even better site for you!! Good luck!! And give that little Miss Domestic a hug from my family!!

  5. Have you tried twitch?? My sons both said that would be would go live and thrn it saves it for people to watch later also…

  6. I’m so sorry :(((( My heart aches for you & your daughter. I haven’t been following you for that long but once I started, I became your fan & faithful follower. I pray you will get your channel back. Hugs to you.

  7. This type of theft is pure cowardice and greed. I enjoyed your videos, even when you were making items I wasn’t personally interested in, just because your enthusiasm was absolutely contagious. I have shared your site with family and friends for some time now, and I just finished tweeting, and posting to FB about this terrible situation. Prayers that YouTube takes notice and rescues your accomplishments. If it doesn’t, then we need to just find another venue that actually cares about its content providers.

  8. Mathew, I wondered what happened to your videos. I like to start my day with you as I am a fellow fabric creator and love your spirit and inspiration. I will miss that deeply but I’m also praying for your resurrection and a major comeback. Hang in there my friend, I will spread the word as much as possible.

  9. We will include this in the Craft Industry Alliance newsletter this week. I truly hope you have a good resolution! Fingers crossed for you, Mathew.

    1. Thanks, Abby. Thought the earlier suggestions that Matthew contact you were right on, and before I could add my voice, you validated that. A sparkling, optimistic talent (and human being) like Mister Domestic should spread exponentially, not be shut down by a combination of bad actors and YouTube’s lack of support for its content creators. Not sure how YouTube explains its relevance if they don’t understand and acknowledge that it’s due to creators like Mister Domestic. Thanks again for spotlighting this.

  10. Don’t be discouraged, there is hope. My husband is an IT genius and this kind of stuff happens to good people. Your videos had to be made before they were posted. They are living somewhere – you just have to find them. I will repost everywhere I can and help spread the word. We all love you. Cindy

  11. I posted your blog to Facebook. Unfortunately I am not a techy person so I can’t offer any advice in that area but I certainly enjoy your channel I will ask my crafty friends to rally roundto support you.

  12. Matthew, I’m so sorry you are experiencing this pain along with your little Miss Domestic. You certainy deserved better from You Tube. I know you’ll persevere and come out on top of all this eventualy, but it’s just not fair.

  13. Mathew, this whole thing is a bunch of BS! I cannot believe they said there are no signs of abnormal activity! There is no way to access your videos?

  14. I am like Emily. I didn’t get to see any of your videos! I was listening to the American Patchwork and Quilting podcast and you were on it! I was so excited to go see the videos! I am not on the social media platforms to spread the news but I would be glad to contact YouTube and tell them to get their crap put together and get it back!!! So sorry!

  15. I sent feedback to YouTube asking what happened to Mr Domestics channel, how could I find it….kind of Dumb Dora like. I will see what they say.

  16. Matthew, I stumbled upon one of your videos by accident one day about a year ago. What a happy day for me!! I voraciously went after as many videos as I could, as quickly as I could, storing them in memory (and bookmarking) so I could come back to them when I was ready to make something. Being relatively new to quilting and sewing, I needed all the help I could get. Your videos provided that help with clear, humorous, instructive content. Of course I have been getting your newsletter (look forward to it every week!) I do understand the violation you feel, and can, as can unfortunately many others, empathize. I am (with a bit of selfishness, it must be said) hoping that you will eventually be reunited with all of your content. Please know that your fans are with you. While it is understandable that your positivity is no doubt at an all time low, we will keep that fire burning for you. Little by little you will feel the flames begin to grow again…You know what they say… “you can’t keep a good man down.” Hugs, Jo Anne

  17. I am so very sorry. I have been hearing this happening to a lot of people, especially ones that may have something political in it. But they have told me that it’s YouTube that is the culprit not a hacking, What many others have started to do, is have 2 YouTube channels one in some other name and also they are putting their videos on their website or blog, plus they are putting them on another site. Sounds ridiculous to have to do and a lot of extra work but they have no choice. It sounds to me that it was those political photos that someone did to you made this happen. Sending big hugs to you and Miss Princess Domestic.

  18. I am so sorry for you and your lack of costumer service from YouTube. A few things I suggest. I’ve never had your experience but I i was once in customer service Dell-Hell. It took me writing a diatribe not unlike what you have written above and posting it literally every where one the net. Companies monitor their name and what people post about them. I finally had some one from Mr Dell’s inner help circle contact me and resolve the issue or entirely to my satisfaction. But I finally months later had resolution. Post every where on every platform. Get the media involved. Maybe try an investigative news segment on the lack of help in the YouTube world. I literally had panic attacks from the daily phone calls to no help customer service that I did everyday for months. The stress effected my health. But I had spent a lot of money an a lemon of a computer that died and that I needed for a study abroad trip. Btw I finally received a replacement the day after I returned from my trip and 4.5 months after I received the first lemon. Technology companies are the least helpful for the time and money you put towards them and their products.

  19. Heart complex broken and stomped on. What is WRONG with people and companies these days? No one seems to care about anyone but themselves! I don’t use Twitter or Facebook but will forward your email to those I know on email. Big hugs to you and Princess H. ❣️

  20. Oh Matthew I’m so sorry I can’t bear the thought that you will no longer brighten my day with your giggle. This is beyond horrific, why do bad things happen to wonderful people that are merely wanting to be helpful and spread sunshine. I hope you can resolve this soon.

  21. This is just so crazy and frustrating! I know they have all of your content saved on a server somewhere this shouldn’t be that hard for them to fix. I can’t even imagine how you must be feeling but I’m so sorry that this is happening to you and hoping it will be fixed soon. 💕💕💕

  22. Matthew,
    I am so sorry about your channel. I loved it and found you to be fun, inspiring, and able to make me forget life’s challenges.
    I wait for the day that you are able to announce that your channel is back.
    Take care,
    Karla from Maryland

  23. Mathew, I’m so very sorry this happened to you – I have so enjoyed all your videos and your positivity!!! It baffles me how people feel entitled to ruin the hard work of others – I bet whoever did this doesn’t even like to sew!!!!! 😤 I know you have a lot of videos over at the Fat Quarter Shop – I haven’t watched all of those but hope to soon! I hope you start up a new YouTube channel – don’t let those bad people win by preventing you from moving forward! I love all your stuff – you’re amazing and funny and warm and real, and you need to keep sharing that with the rest of the world!!! You got this, mmmkay?! ❤️

  24. Matthew,

    Very sorry this happened to you. Looking forward to how you reinvent yourself!

    I know there are YouTube User groups for creators like yourself. Perhaps they would have some solid suggestions for you for how to at least get your videos back! (thewaybackmachine didn’t work)

    I forget how I found you, but was sure glad when I did!

    Best Wishes,

  25. This makes me so sad and angry🤬 for you and all of us who love your positivity. This isn’t supposed to happen to “good” people like you. I’m truly disappointed in everyone behind YouTube. How dare they!
    Try to keep your positive outlook during this difficult time. We’re still here for you!!!

  26. You’ll be sorely missed. I too do not understand why the power is given to someone like this. They need to make it right by fixing your channel. I love what you share it brightens my day. Love you lots
    Rose Garcia

  27. I am deeply saddened to hear this. I love your videos, not only are they educational, they do feel better about the projects I am working on. I think your positivity is awesome…I have tried to he more positive since I first followed your videos.

  28. Matthew, you might want to also reach out to Abby Glassenberg at Craft Industry Alliance. She may be able to get you in front of the actual decision makers at YouTube. This is just so unacceptable. If Google is wanting to keep eyeballs coming into them on YouTube, they MUST do a better job of securing YouTube channels, and actually providing real, effective, customer service.

  29. Matthew my dear, I hate Facebook so much but for you I reposted. I’m so sorry this is happening to you but so many people care about you and hope you get some resolution to this, whatever that may be. Much live friend ❤️❤️.

  30. i’m so sorry this is happening to you. sadly, i don’t have any advice other then you should have ownership of all your work. if you still have the original videos it time for you to post them only on website were you control and own everything.

  31. Matthew, I will share it as much as I can. In my experience, Twitter does get big corp’s attention, so keep doing it (I am off of Twitter for now). Have you sent it to the Craft Alliance Industry? Please do – they can spread the word, too. If I think of anything else I will let you know.

  32. PLEASE don’t give up…I don’t have any advice as to what you could do to resolve it, but know that all of your fans support your returning! I just became a follower, as I saw your video pop up as a suggestion on Pinterest for your Scandinavian Star Ornament! Love how you explained things step by step. PLEASE DON’T GIVE UP!! Sending big hugs to you and your baby girl!

  33. Matthew, hang in there. If millions of users got hacked, you’re probably in the queue for getting it sorted out. YouTube does have backup servers so there’s still hope.

    Yes, it is your job to keep backups, but how could you backup all the comments and “likes” and SEO weight? That’s a job for YouTube, and depending on the dollar amount of your ad revenue, it’s possibly actionable. I would speak with an attorney but you may be able to join a class action suit if nothing else.

    I’m so very sorry for you and Helena. I know what it feels like to have your work stolen, irretrievably gone. I experienced a similar situation when I was burgled a few years ago. The thieves took my entire computer and video production system, including all my backup drives, which I thought was terribly cruel, adding the injury of the loss of years’ worth of work to the insult of the theft itself.

    Cybercrime is no different. The sense of violation is just as real. I wish I could hold you and comfort you as you cry in grief and rage. Nobody did for me and even though it’s been 10 or so years every so often those feeling boil back up. Today, I take nothing for granted, I have multiple backups and I even hide my backup drive in case of theft. I can grab it quickly in case I have to flee from the weather. I keep a micro SD card with current copies of my most vital data on it with me at all times in a locket that’s never out of my reach. Paranoid? Maybe a little, but I’ve earned it.

    We are still here, Matt. The videos are gone but your people are still here. Rebuild, protect, be yourself, be amazing. Your website is strong. Your FB is strong. Your product line is strong. YOU are strong, and it is a show of strength that you have reached out to the Mister Domestic family to help you when you needed it. We got you, brother. We got you. Hang in there.

    1. Hi Matt,
      Please know your followers are still behind you . I love your positive attitude and I pray that you will not let those who attacked your site to also take your positivity away from you as well . I was fairly new to your site but when there was something I wanted to learn your site was one of the first I went to . I even introduced your site to my daughter when we tried our hand at the Scandinavian Star ornament . She was also very saddened to hear about your You Tube site . Hang in there and please know your followers are hanging in there with you.


  34. There’s GOT to be someone at YouTube that actually knows how to fix this. I truly don’t think it’s gone, just hacked by some jacka$$ that wants to make life hell for good content providers. I’m no computer genius but good at research and will try to help you. I really liked your videos…funny and REAL and I learned somethings about sewing. We ALL want YOU back.

    1. Love you Matthew! I am so sorry about what has happened, but I too believe that someone at YOUTUBE can fix this mess. Surely, everything has just gone into a recycle bin and they can just, poof!, and it’s back!

  35. Oh Matthew… I am SO sorry this has happened to you!! I’ve been following along and hoping that every day when I see your posts pop up on my feed that you’d announce your YouTube account is back to normal! I’m angered that this has happened! 💔💔💔 it’s not right, it’s not ok and I AM UPSET WITH YOU!
    I’ll go share this and keep rooting for you! We are all rallying around you , this couldn’t have happened to a more gentler soul! 😓😓😓
    Hug and kisses to you and Miss Helena !! ❤️❤️❤️

  36. Thank you for your honesty, technology is so great for connecting to people and then WHAM! the rug gets pulled out from under you. Take care of yourself and know how much enjoyment and affirmation and truth people received from you and your channel.
    God bless.

    Ms. Sue

  37. Matthew. I’m so very sorry. I’ve more to write in that vein but please help me post well. On FB I’ll share the link to your post and ask my friends to repost — should they hashtag you? Or YouTube? Or both. I’m not super savvy with these things. I have a almost entirely unused twitter account and I’ll post there (and ask my kids and their friends to do so as well) and I know the “at sign” is the proper form of tagging. I just don’t want to post to Facebook without making it easy for my non-quilty friends to tag properly. Sorry to be so wordy.
    Goodness will come from this. So much goodness you won’t even believe it possible. You are so loved. Thank you for sharing all the history. It’s good. It’ll help. Now, please answer so I can send out my little thread in reweaving your life!! Big hugs!! – Holli

  38. This makes me so sad!! I love your YouTubes and will miss them!! Your positive spirit and humor are what makes each one unique. I hope YouTube gets their act together and straightens this out!!

  39. I can “feel” the pain in your words. While I “came to the party” late and never had the chance to watch any of your You Tube videos I have seen and followed you on FaceBook..I am so sorry that this happened and I pray that you will eventually be able to recover the channel and it will be intacked so all your hard work was not in vain.

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