The Death of Mister Domestic YouTube

UPDATE: December 6, 2019 – I have officially regained control of my channel and most of my content. There’s still a lot to sort out and fix, but I wanted to update everyone here until I can put out my video and post explaining everything:

When I first started Mister Domestic four years ago, I had no idea how to predict what it would become. I began sewing five years ago shortly after my daughter was born as a way to connect with her. After my personal Facebook became flooded with sewing stuff, I was merely looking for a place to share my creative journey of sewing and crafting. The combination of my zest for creative energy, me genuinely being an authentically positive dad, and my fearless exploration of new techniques fueled by gratitude became the perfect storm for a growth I never could have anticipated and created an escape for so many from the darkness that the world seems to become more and more each and every day. Mister Domestic is bigger than sewing and crafting. It took a while to fully grasp this because I was just being myself and imposter syndrome is real. It honestly wasn’t until I created the Mister Domestic YouTube Channel when the messages started to pour in about the therapeutic value of my message and spirit in my videos as many of you would listen to me in the background while you created, or watched me when having a down day. Heck, I’ve even received dozens of messages that my channel helped some of you get out of bed and move on from things you never thought you could overcome. Mister Domestic is not me, it’s the community that all of you created with me as the moderator that flourished into something pretty special on the internet. So to think that this has been taken away in the blink of an eye without YouTube actually expending energy into bringing it back breaks my heart.

Despite YouTube showing no signs of actually trying to get my channel back to me, I’m still hoping for a resurrection of my channel. However, my generally positive and optimistic nature is being chiseled away by the lack of actual human contact with YouTube/Google and the seemingly lack of concern from this platform at my loss of content and revenue. Before too much time passes, I felt it prudent to document everything in writing and, as we do in this era, put it into the inter web to share my story and hopefully reach someone that can help me find the happily ever after that we all are hoping for. 

Being Phished

As I was at the airport waiting to board an airplane on November 5, 2019, I received the following email.

Retrospectively, there were things that were suspicious about the email and I know better than to log into something through the link in an email. But I had just posted a video the day before about a new class that I had on another platform, so my initial reaction was that I had violated some nebulous rule on YouTube by posting a video promoting a subscription service and I didn’t want to get in trouble. I clicked the link, entered my username and password and waited approximately 20 seconds as the page toggled before I recognized it as a phishing expedition. I immediately logged into my account on a different device and changed my password. During the 2 minute span of time between getting phished and me changing my password, my account had been logged into from Finland, which I notified as not being me. I had two-factor verification enabled, so I didn’t understand how they got in, but I really didn’t think anything about it since no changes had occurred to my YouTube Channel. I naively thought a crisis was averted and went forward with my day, changing my password on all of my social media accounts just in case. It’s the internet, this kinda stuff happens, thank goodness I caught it in time.

Removal of Ownership

Almost exactly 24 hours after this phishing incident, I received the above emails from YouTube indicating that the ownership of my channel had been removed. I didn’t really understand what this meant, especially since my 2-factor verification was on, so I followed the steps outlined in the following link:

Once again, I thought this had solved it because my channel appeared unchanged. It wasn’t until a few hours later that I realized that I didn’t have access to my YouTube channel even though I could log into my Google Account and changes started to occur on my channel. I Googled this to find out what to do to get access to my channel back and found multiple articles documenting that maybe millions of YouTubers had been the target of this phishing threat. Here’s a link to one of the articles:

Dismantling of Mister Domestic YouTube

It wasn’t until this moment that I realized how difficult it is to reach YouTube in a crisis. After a couple hours of trying to figure out what to do and who to contact, I accidentally discovered a way to chat with someone in YouTube Creator Support that seemed empathetic to what was going on and in the end said he would send me an e-mail to help resolve the issue. [side note I just tried to find it again and after 30 minutes I couldn’t locate it, so clearly it’s not intended to be used by creators] 

I received the above email and sent the information as requested, once again thinking that YouTube was actually going to help me. As time progressed, the videos on my YouTube channel began to disappear with some remaining ones being shortened to a few seconds.

Eventually the channel was changed to “Christina Jones” and political misinformation began being sent to my subscribers who were set to notifications by using thumbnails that had fake information about political candidates and by using the live stream capability to stream Sean Hannity, where at one time thousands of people were watching.  Luckily a friend sent me the emails she was receiving. Unfortunately, the thumbnails went away once my channel was terminated, so I only have the topics in the subject matter documented. I pride myself on creating a politics-free environment, so the fact my subscribers who I shield from this were forced to experience this absolutely broke my heart.

Customer Service Experience

The emails with customer service went back and forth over the course of a couple weeks where I documented the dismantling and misuse of my YouTube Channel in real time before it was eventually terminated. The best way to experience this is to read these screenshots of my emails in order.

At this point, I was able to keep positive, remain hopeful and continued to research what actually happened. That is until I received the following resolution email.

Say what?!? Like how is this where they landed on the investigation? What did they in fact investigate, if they did at all? I provided in real-time documentation as my channel was hijacked, dismantled and terminated and they’re saying that nothing happened and I need to do better with my password security? Needless to say I responded.

Luckily, I had my original channel bookmarked so that I could follow it as it evolved. My question is how did a company that actually knows how to navigate this stuff not connect the dots? At this point, after going back and reading all of the responses from YouTube Creator Support, I’m convinced that this is artificial intelligence instead of actual humans by the canned reuse of responses from multiple “people”. If they were actually humans, the insensitivity of their canned responses are even more disappointing since their platform exists because real folks like me decided to use to provide content. While my channel of 51,000+ subscribers and 150+ videos wasn’t enormous, it was a safe space where folks could come laugh with me to feel better or to learn how to sew/crochet/weave in a positive manner or both. This was stolen from us and, at this point, it doesn’t seem that YouTube actually wants to help fix this, even though I’m aware of other channels that have been reinstated with a higher subscriber count. 

Please Help

I have a few more things to try to get their attention.

  • I was informed by someone who is tech-savvy to tweet @TeamYouTube to let them know what happened and that we need their help. I’m not super active on Twitter and will continue to tweet, regardless. If any of you have a Twitter account, I’m asking you to please tweet about this using @TeamYouTube, @YouTube, and @Mister_Domestic to get their attention. Enough of a groundswell might be enough for them to see us.
  • I also plan to send press releases to various media outlets and sites, particularly in the tech world, to see if any of them will write about it. If you know of any or have any connections to any, please forward this to them asking for help. 
  • And finally, I need this blog post to go viral. If you have reached this point in the blog, I implore you to please share this blog on Facebook, in newsletters, anywhere that someone might be able to read it. And then ask them to forward it too.

Beyond sharing this post of various social media platforms, I can’t think of anything else to do. I’m not throwing in the towel yet, but this whole experience has been pretty violating and every time I reengage in the fight, it’s pretty triggering so I can’t continue the fight too much longer. 

The worst part of this whole thing was the moment that my six-year-old daughter realized what had happened to the Mister Domestic Channel. She never appeared on my channel, but she was there with me as my “director” during most of my shoots, giving me feedback and being involved. Heck she even has been dubbed Little Miss Domestic. And the uncontrollable wailing cry as I held her and she repeated over and over that all of our hard work was stolen is something I hope I never have to hear again. If you follow me, you know she is my heart and right now my heart hurts.

I am so insanely sorry that 30 seconds of me not protecting my information resulted in the destruction of three years of hard work and the community of positivity and learning that we all created together. And no, I didn’t backup my videos, so the content is gone. Huge lesson learned here.

This is not the end of my video journey and I still have a modicum of hope that I will get my channel back, but with every communication from YouTube and day that passes, the hope has begun evolving into grief. 

I love each and every one of you and am so grateful that you have chosen to be a part of my journey to spread joy and positivity through sewing and crafting. Keep it positive, y’all. 

Mister Domestic out…. 

119 thoughts on “The Death of Mister Domestic YouTube

  1. Oh I’m so sorry for you.
    I learned a lot from your channel. There are not lots of crafting channels in German. So I watch yours. I really hope you will be able to get everything fixed!
    I send you a hug from Germany.

  2. Hi Mathew, the minute I heard about this I had the same thought your spouse had. I was so upset but we live in a very hateful country. I was delighted to find you about a year ago. You are awesome!!! 🙂

  3. I hate haters!
    Leave him alone and turn on to something you like and we’ll do what we want.
    Please continue and I have your back! Hugs WAHx

  4. Matthew, I am so sad that you have lost all of your hard work. I have always said that computers, although they are good, are the scourge of the earth. There are some who will find a way to destroy others for nothing other than to say they can do it. I have contacted YouTube in other ways. I have also sent messages to other popular users of You Tube. Creators of You Tube channels need to support one another. Hopefully, the others will stand behind you. You are a bright beacon of hope in this dark world. Keep that light shining!

  5. Matthew I love your channel and your positivity. I know your daughter means the world to you and am so SORRY She had to get a life lesson like that so young. Why is that a life lesson anyway?! Geesh. I hope this is not the end of the story. You do not deserve this!

  6. Oh Matthew!! I’m so sorry. What a nightmare. Your positivity is admirable. I’m cheering for you – and hoping you get something resolved soon. The world needs more of what you have to offer!

      1. I’ve posted about this on Twitter, but I wonder if it wouldn’t be helpful to get some of the people you partner with to make some noise– like Fat Quarter Shop, blueprint and others. They might have a bigger voice than some of us. Worth a try. I’ll keep posting on my end. Don’t give up!

  7. A lot of your videos are on YouTube user’s Fat Quarter Shop. I did a search for Mister Domestic & your videos popped under that user. So, it looks like some of your videos survived.

  8. Matthew, it is unthinkable that in this day and age Google/YouTube has not totally resolved this! I’m posting your story and info on each of my social media platforms and I would like to share it with The Quilt Show community, too. Ricky Tims and a couple of other quilt designers have had their designs stolen and now there are Facebook ads for a couple of websites selling quilts using their designs being made in China.

    In addition, I’m writing letters and emails to both Google and You Tube as Carolyn Thompson has suggested. Another thought: Congressional committees have been conducting hearings focused on a variety of important concerns with regard to big tech companies. I will do some research to find out which committees and representatives are the appropriate ones to address this kind of issue. To cause change in corporate culture it usually takes a grassroots initiative. We are a large group of makers and I think we can organize and focus our efforts to bring attention to your situation.

    To the fabric designers, quilters, sewers, embroiderers, shop owners and all of us who are makers: Please comment here if you are willing to join together as a group so we can flood these tech companies and Congress with letters/emails and a petition. I will be happy to organize the group if you all are interested.

    We support you 100% in this effort, Matthew!

  9. I’m so sorry you’ve had to go through this. Yes, the world is getting darker by the minute. All the more reason to keep shining Matthew! I believe that good will come out of this somehow.

  10. I’m so very sorry this happened to you. I truly wish YouTube had actually investigated for you which clearly they didn’t. I know similar things have happened to good people on instagram and how many of us keep an archive of everything we post in it’s final edited form? I will continue to keep my fingers crossed for a happy resolution for you. And I hope your daughter doesn’t still feel too badly.

  11. Same thing happened to my Instagram. (Well, actually all of my social media accounts AND my email, but I recovered everything except Instagram). I was never able to reach anyone EVER to help me recover the account. It’s amazing how giant companies like this care so little about their users…

  12. Seems so many people will do bad things simply because they can and get away with it. There is no shame anymore in being or doing anything. To shame something is now considered the bad thing to do. We let this happen as a society so now we are living it.

  13. Alexandria Ryan does subscription unboxings and makeup related videos and she had it happen to her. By joining forces and sending out a lot of tweets she was able to get her channel back and most of her videos. She might be able to give you some advice too. But I think the community coming together and making some noise is what truly makes a difference. I hope you get things sorted out but just know that you are loved by many. Don’t give up and start over until you have exhausted every avenue because you have too much blood, sweat and tears in your channel. ♥️

  14. Maybe- if/once YouTube gives back your channel- you can put out a message asking anyone who’s downloaded your videos to contact you to possibly reupload some of them? Not the greatest odds, but it might recover some of them.

  15. Mathew, hugs and more hugs to you and your family. You’re a gift to many and YouTube needs to get their heads out of their butts! Bravo to you for going forward to local, national media. Their platform is huge and sure to gain lots of attention to this unfair situation. I’m sharing via my email .

  16. I really hope your able to recover your YouTube channel not sure if this will help you in any way but Life Of Palos YouTube channel 2months ago has 2 videos about a bunch of auto YouTubers who this also happened to and I think a few of them were able to recover their channels

  17. Amazon has the same ‘customer service” system. You have a different person replying everytime. Really annoying and it solves NOTHING. So I cancelled my prime account.

  18. I don’t sew and I had never heard of your channel, but I am so sorry to hear that this happened. It sounds like what you do is a wonderful ray of light in darkness, and that you have created a happy, productive online community. The world needs a lot more of that! I just wanted to let you know the word IS spreading – I read about your story in the YouTube & Video Making Tips Facebook group: I’ll be sharing your story as well, and watching for the no-doubt triumphant return of Mister Domestic on YouTube!

  19. Matt… Chin up. You have been such a positive energy to so many. Don’t give up and keep fighting to get your content back. We are here for you. Sending hugs from the Great Lakes!

  20. I have posted this on another group Mathew its so sad to see it is no longer there, I loved watching you sew, and your laughter was in fectious and helped me through my worse days, I hope youtube take note and atleast try and get it back as all they seem to do is pass you from pillar to post

  21. Matthew I don’t know if it will help but the channel Rusty78609 went through the same thing. You may want to contact him thru his channel. He did get the majority of his content back. Hang in there it will get resolved.

  22. I just left a 2-part message to YouTube on Twitter. Hopefully, if enough of us pester them, they’ll start being more concerned about righting this wrong instead of worrying about their score on customer service. (If you’re not providing customer service, YouTube, your score ain’t gonna be all that sterling. Jus’ sayin’)

  23. Mathew, I am so very sorry you and yours are going through this nightmare. The whole story is really a tale for the horrible crises in this country. It’s a sad old world, and I know you will rise stronger. Your voice is a soothing and cheery part of my sewing routine when I play fave videos while working at the machine. You make me feel like I know you and that’s wild, right? Your channel means a lot to so many. Mathew, I have to ask, is it time to enlist the help of an intellectual property lawyer? Or maybe that isn’t the correct specialization, maybe digital rights issues. Probably your business attorney or accountant can refer you. Anyway, having been married to one at one time, I can tell you they open doors that remain closed to the rest of us. And their stock in trade is use of the right language and proven strategies. This is your business content, and I know your quality and amount of content is valuable. May be worth exploring. Good luck. Waiting for the next chapter to open dear Mathew and Fam Domestic!

    1. It’s almost that time. I’d like to see if a grassroots effort can help fix it so that it can help educate too. But if that goes nowhere, I’ll definitely hire an intellectual property attorney.

      1. Hoping that all the squeaky wheels get noticed and a different type of response is coming soon from YouTube. Your fans are 1000% behind you!

  24. I happen to have a friend who works at Google (previously on the Youtube team)…I forwarded this to him and he said he would try to push it through internally. Good luck!!!!!!

  25. So sorry not only about the hijacking but also the lack of response from Youtube. Will be sharing this blog and spreading word through my social media. DO NOT let the selfish actions of others dim your sunshine, Know it is hard but the life is a great journey even with the potholes.

    1. Just wanted to let you know that you are still very loved and we are rooting for you to actually get this sorted! And to get an apology from YouTube for this appalling customer service. And your message of positivity and fun crafting is still out their on Facebook and Instagram for us all to enjoy.

  26. Still with you, I thought something was going on with your youtube channel. Looking forward to everything working again and seeing your wonderful videos in the future.

  27. Prayers for Youtube channel returned to you and sharing to inform others and get the word out and maybe attention from Youtube.

  28. Have you thought about going to every news outlet possible with your story, let them help do some digging and probing YouTube. Praying you get your channel back soon.

      1. Good luck Matthew. You are in my prayers. I can’t understand all the evil in this world anymore. Just know that you have a world full of crafters behind you.

      2. Mathew, my sister made me aware of your plight with YouTube. I’m not a subscriber but she is. Sent YouTube feedback on your channel including this link from your blog. I can tell you if your videos were made private by the hacker, they are still there. Keep the faith, and everyone else please keep up the efforts to make YouTube aware of what happened by providing feedback or tweeting to them. Let’s get the word out to rectify this! We just have to get to the right person to fix this.

    1. I’m sad but also really angry about this. It obviously wasn’t random, it was a targeted attack by some right-wing hate group. I only just found out today because I noticed I hadn’t seen any videos from you lately so I went to your channel to see what I’d missed. I couldn’t understand why it was blank so I googled you and this is what I find! I think we have to get this into the media. I will share this everywhere I can. We can’t let them get away with this!

  29. How is this NOT news? How is a sewing blog run by an obviously gay man taken over to start displaying right wing news? As soon as I read this happened, it felt to me like a purposeful attack. You are the last person something like this would happen to and it’s not coincidental of their subject matter IMO. So gross.

    1. That was my spouse’s first thought as well. My youtube first became flooded with pro trump ads a month ago and then this happened. All around the time I started to speak loudly about conversion therapy.

  30. I am heart broken for you and your daughter. I have only followed you for a short time , but fell in love immediately! Your beautiful soul shines through everything you do!! My adult daughter is an entertainer in the LGBTQ community. She relies on social media for her business. It helps her a lot but unfortunately she has been a victim of some horrible and disturbing content posted on her social media. My husband and I have had to escort her to an event as “bodyguards”. Our precious daughter has a tender and loving spirit. I understand what you are saying about the worst part of this is the heartbreak of your own little girl.
    Beyond all this horrible YouTube garbage, I would just ask you to guard your mental health. I realize I don’t know you at all, but I’m concerned for you. Above all else, you and your daughter are the only 2 things that really matter.
    Thinking of you. Please take care of yourself.

  31. That sucks. Similar thing happened to my Instagram, but my resolution was to never use Instagram again, and it was Instagram’s loss. They could remove my content, but they couldn’t stop me from doing what I do. So, I win, they lose, end of story.

  32. I wish this hadn’t happened to you. I really don’t understand what “your channel” means. I do know I think I have watched all of you up beat and VERY informative videos. Get busy and build again. You are awesome!

  33. I’m so sorry you have been put through this and all that you worked for on youtube seems to have been lost. I have shared it and hope that will help. I’m just so sorry x

  34. Hi, Mathew — I, too, LOVE you and your channel and your positive message and happiness and, well, you still have all of that inside you even though this happened to you — it will get back to good soon, I just know it! This sucks! It’s worse because you are such a great human and you cannot fathom why this would happen because your brain doesn’t work like this, if that makes sense. You know what, out of the rain there will be a rainbow, Mathew. I know it. This will lead you to some other something-or-another that will be your best thing yet! I am a believer in things happen for a reason (I have to or otherwise I’d be really off the deep end!) and you will overcome this day-by-day. Your fabric lines are all fab — I mean, you design GORGEOUS fabric — not many people can say that! You still have your creative mind and nobody can take that away! Better days ahead, Mathew — chin up! As my late mom would say, “This, too, shall pass.” And moms are always right…..:) HUGS

  35. This is heartbreaking. I love your content and I have shared this on my Twitter – I’m not on fb. I wonder if any of your people had downloaded videos maybe and could restore content to you – I am not tech savvy so no idea if this is a possible thing. Perhaps you could resurrect yourself with an expansion so that Little Miss Domestic has billing? Nothing can take away the love and respect for you in this community x

  36. Matthew we are not going to stand by and let you tube cancel your channel. Please dig deep…..know we are all here for you. (((((((((((HUGE HUGS)))))))))) We are going to fight for you. I will post on my fb, my Instagram and my Twitter. These posts will be repeated throughout the day. I’m not the type to be diplomatic because you have been very nice about this. It’s time to put the gloves on and fight!!!! Hug your baby girl for me too. We are going to help you stand when you feel like you cant go on.

  37. I will go right now and tweet and share. Another channel I watch had the same thing happen and because of people tweeting and causing an uproar her channel was reinstated. EVERYONE THAT HAS TWITTER PLEASE TWEET USING THE HASH TAGS! I pray this works for you as well. You have such a positive channel and you lift up so many people. Sending prayers that this issue is resolved. ♥️🙏

  38. What has our world become? So cruel, impersonal and hateful, and when a bright light tries to shine, it is cruelly snuffed out.

  39. I am so sorry 😐 for what happened to you!,And unhappy that YouTube didn’t help you fast
    Enough. But I will hope and pray for you and your daughter. I enjoyed watching you and sewing with you! Stay positive.

  40. I’ve written to YouTube in every format possible and urge everyone to do the same. As a community people power is what works. Do t go into the whole thing just ask to have it reinstated say you never saw spam or violations just a man sharing his seeing and other craft creations. From which a wonderful community has grown and many friendships made. On a global scale.

    Let your fingers do the talking # and @ and email and Facebook etc

    Hang in their Sir we’ve got your back 💜

    1. I am so sorry to hear of this. My facebook was hacked and kept sending out diet videos and other things I would never have sent. No way of fixing things with these companies

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