Colorblock LOVE Pride Pillow

Before I even started on my Colorblock LOVE Pride Quilt, I made up a smaller pillow version to test the colors. And it took like 1 second to realize it was a winner winner chicken dinner.

The designer of the pattern, Sam Hunter of Hunter Design Studio, gave me the idea to use the coloring sheet to create a foundation paper pieced template and it worked like a charm. I blew each letter up until it was roughly 6″x7″ and then added a border to it of the Adobe Clay AGF Solid Smooth Denim to make it 18″x18″. And before you ask, no I won’t provide the template it’s not my pattern, but I have faith in y’all that you can figure it out.

For most pillow fronts, I use a fusible fleece which I find allows me to create tighter, crisper quilting without the bunching that sometimes happens at the intersections. I used a baby blue Superior Threads MicroQuilter thread and boy oh boy is it dreamy.

And after I finished my envelop pillow back and put it all together oooooh la la and I excited to have this Prideful beauty hanging out with me all year long.

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