Mermaid – Crocodile “H” Trifold Wallet

A few weeks back, Sew Gnar reached out to see if I’d be interested in trying out one of her patterns. Coincidentally, Helena had a new wallet in her rotation of asks from me, so I was all like heck ya. Plus, I had recently purchased some mermaid and iridescent crocodile vinyl from Sew Hungry Hippie that had no project attached to them.

As I was cutting up the pieces, I had the brillz idea to add an H to the front, so with my trusty Light Blue Wonderfil Ultima, denim needle, and teflon foot, I stitched it on with ease.

There are options for corners in the pattern, but I decided to keep everything square. Legit this wallet came together in 20 minutes. Super awesome pattern with easy instructions. If you’re looking for a quick easy gift for yourself or someone else with maximum woweewow, this is definitely the project for you.

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