Tie-Top Curtains (with video tutorial)

Almost immediately after Helena got her bunk bed, she asked me to make her curtains so that the bottom could become like a hide-out/fort for her. The curtains I knew how to make, but it took my brain a smidge to figure out how to secure them. I landed with a standard silver curtain rod attached to the outside, which couldn’t have turned out any better of a choice.

After going through all of the Art Gallery Fabrics prints that met Helena’s imagined color scheme, she picked the Maximal Broderie Warm print from Bari J’s Indigo & Aster Fabric Collection.

I hadn’t planned on making a YouTube tutorial when I started. But halfway through it I was all like you know what Mathew? There might be some folks who have never made curtains before, so I did one. Yaaaay!

These curtains turned out so super cute now I want to make all the curtains. Until next time, keep it positive.

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2 thoughts on “Tie-Top Curtains (with video tutorial)

  1. I really love it that you share videos on all sorts of different projects. Curtains seemed such a daunting task until I watched this. You are so inspiring. Look out bedroom window ~ Mathew has given me a great idea!

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