Autumnal Triangle Pillow

Art Gallery Fabrics has these new Thematic Bundle Up Curated Bundles and each designer was asked to make a small project using a different one. I was super jazzed to get Autumnal as the temperatures were beginning to shift from summer to fall to winter. 

Autumnal Bundle Up Bundle

As I was sharing my Ambience Quilt on my social media platforms, a few folks requested that I do a video on sewing equilateral triangles. When this project popped up and I was cycling through my mental rolodex of project ideas, I landed on using this project as an opportunity to teach y’all. 

Click the image for the tutorial.

For this pillow version, I chose 3″ strips to cut the triangles from, which was the perfect size for what I had planned. I color mapped the overall layout and I was ready to go.

Color Mapping

And here was the finished layout when I finished sewing all the triangles together.

Here are a list of supplies that I used in the project. 

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