Favorite Sewing Notions of 2018

This year, I have had the opportunity to be introduced to and play with at least infinity sewing notions. And while many of them are amazing and I wouldn’t say that I came across any duds, these are the ones that I unconsciously integrated into my workflow. This seemed like a fair and objectively subjective way for me to come up with a list and methinks I am officially starting a tradition. So without further ado, here are my favorite notions of 2018.

Okay just kidding. Before I get into my list, there are two products that I officially stan for: my bedazzled Threadcutterz Ring & my WEFTY Needles. I learned about these before 2018, but everyone should have one they are amazing that is all.

Okay so now to the list. First thing is the full list of notions with affiliate links for your enjoyment.

So I hope this list has been helpful. I look forward to seeing what notions are coming in the future and to see these show their face in some of y’alls sewing spaces.

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