Fabric Advent Star Tree Topper (with video tutorial)

The moment that Helena told me that she wanted a white tree with pink, purple, gold and turquoise for our tree, I visualized this tree topper. I had made one with more traditional colors last year that I have a step out tutorial for if you need it.  I thought that as I made this one that it would also be a good time to show y’all how to make it as well in a YouTube tutorial.

Mister Domestic YouTube.png

For this version of the tree topper, here are the supplies that I used:

As stated in the video, here is the cut list:

  • Total of eighteen 2″ Width of Fabric (WOF) strips: six Tile Blue & twelve Mau Loa
  • Eighteen 2″ x 32″ strips of interfacing

After preparing the strips, you will cut the longer strips to have a total of thirty-six 16″ strips (twelve Tile Blue & twenty four Mau Loa)

Additional Notes on Tree Topper

In the instructions of the video, I spaced the strips with a 1/4″ space in between them so that I could stick lights in it and the light would shine through. I used 16″ strips, but almost wished that I’d used 17/18″ instead to make the cannoli more voluminous. However, in my first traditionally colored tree topper, I didn’t leave any spaces and only used 15″ strips, which created a super sturdy star. The next time I make one, I’ll probably create a hybrid of these two and use 17″ strips. I’ve provided both examples because this is the spot where you make these choices. In a nutshell, if you want light to shine through, have the space in between. If you don’t, then I wouldn’t leave any space. 



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