Houndstooth Quilt (with video tutorial)

Every since I started quilting, I’ve always wanted to make a houndstooth quilt, but could never find the right fabric. All the ones I saw all the interweb always looked so chic and effortlessly cool, but I knew that I wanted to make one with something different than solids. Enter my Mau Loa Seabed print from my new Aura Fabric Collection. As soon as I saw this print in the flesh, I immediately knew that a Houndstooth Quilt was in it’s future and it only took one block for me to fall in love.


At first, I worked with my strikeoffs and had to take a break until my yardage arrived since I knew that I wanted it bigger.


Once I got it the size I wanted, which was 9 six inch squares by 11 six inch squares, or roughly 50″ x 61″, I decided to quilt it following the diagonal of the houndstooth using the Superior Threads MicroQuilter  and Hobbs Heirloom Cotton Fusible Batting.


And tada, my new Houndtooth Quilt has arrived after all these years and I’m over the moon stoked about the twinkle created by the print. Definitely next level yay with a whole lotta va va voom.


And since I knew some of y’all would want to make your own houndstooth quilts, I created a YouTube video to help you out.




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