Loved to Pieces Cathedral Window Pillow

I realized today that I totally forgot to blog about this Cathedral Window Pillow that I made using my Loved to Pieces Collection. It was one of my first completed projects and I’m absolutely gaga over it’s simple perfection. When I measured and realized that the Pieces Bunches Cool groupings were the perfect size for this, I immediately got to cutting and positioning. I also made sure that all of the bushes from the Topiary Frost print faced the same way and made sure to line up all the stripes for background. All of these moments of detail attention next-leveled this project methinks.

If you wanted to make this pillow yourself, I used Jenny’s Missouri Star Quilt Co Easy Cathedral Window Tutorial which is super easy to follow. And if you wanted to purchase this pillow, it’ll be available in the Team Textile Auction starting on August 30th.



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One thought on “Loved to Pieces Cathedral Window Pillow

  1. Cathedral windows is a wonderful pattern! I’ve made quite a few items with the traditional as well as the various quick methods, it’s just too much fun!!

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