Jelly Roll Rug (with Video Tutorial)


I’m not gonna lie. When I first saw the first surge of Jelly Roll Rugs being made, I wasn’t quite sure about them. Since I only work with Art Gallery Fabrics and they don’t do jelly rolls, I think this was my primary reason for not immediately putting this on my projects-to-make train. But then as I was getting half yard bundles of each of the new collections from AGF, I started pulling my faves from each one and put them in a stack until one day I was all like oh em gee they all look gorgeous together and a lightbulb went off: JELLY ROLL RUG TIME! If you want to see the names and collections of each of the fabrics, scroll down to the bottom.

Once it was decided that I was going to use this pull to make a Jelly Roll Rug, I knew that I wanted to make a YouTube tutorial on it as well. But before I could get started, I needed to (1) get permission from Roma Lambson of RJ Designs and (2) find the supplies I needed. And once both were accomplished, the RJ Designs’ Jelly Roll Rug Tutorial with Mister Domestic was born.


This tutorial was intentionally created as a complement to Roma’s pattern, so you most definitely will need to purchase the pattern for the tips and tricks in the tutorial to make sense. Roma has both the PDF & Print Versions in her Etsy Shop:



Jessica Swift’s Sirena

Siren Song Orchid & Wavelength Reef

Sharon Holland’s Signature

Extempore Fancy, Lacey Stardust, Traveler Raindrops & Sporangia Plaid Dotted

Mister Domestic’s Loved to Pieces

Mandala Drops Iris, Gladiolumns Inbluem & Laced Infinity

Maureen Cracknell’s Flower Child

Braided Path Sublime, Flicker & Fade Blue & Prairie Fairies Night

Katarina Roccella’s Mediterraneo

Lantana Teal, Zanafi Aqua, Fruiteria Bleu, Djulovi Distressed, Herculaneum, Shell Blaze Aubergine, Shell Blaze Night & Coastal Garden Violet



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  1. Thank you! My “go to” is Amazon and couldn’t find it there. I searched on your blog because that’s where I found that little purple thang and wefty! Love your videos and am inspired to make several items!

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