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So I’ve had this project in the works for what seems like forever. The past two birthdays and Christmas, I’ve promised Helena I was going to make it, which generally doesn’t not happen. But for this one, I definitely wanted to do a YouTube tutorial but couldn’t wrap my brain around the logistics of such a voluminous project with the gear that I have. But then I just decided to make it and work backward with the tutorial, which honestly ended up way more awesome than it would’ve been had I done it in real time. So, yaaaay, here’s the tutorial.

IMG_7335 copy.jpg

The tutorial intentionally has some rapid-fire moments with some cool walk-through components because I was trying to balance out the essentials and not letting it become too lengthy. And not to toot my own horn, but that balance was definitely achieved. And whether this is your first stop or you’ve come here from YouTube, there’s some information that definitely needed to be slowed down in still form for easy consumption.


teepee fabric reqs mainsupplies

fabric cuts 3


For the front entrance binding, cut two 2.5″ strips of the support fabric and double fold bind as seen in the video. To attach the secondary fabric to the main fabric, using a flat-felled seam is suggested due to its durability.



layout 2


Before inserting the rods into the support fabric sheaths, measure 4″ down from the top of each rod and drill a hole for the rope.

Once the teepee is assembled in the fashion demoed in the video, insert the rods into each support fabric sheath, using rod caps if deemed appropriate. Then once the top is wrapped up, tada!!!


2 thoughts on “DIY Teepee

  1. Loving the tee pee and clear instructions all round x
    What age would you say this is suitable up to please?
    I would like to make a slightly taller one which i can go in with my daughter prob just up to 6 foot. (pole size) how would you adjust the sizing please.

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