Loved to Pieces Look Book

Oh em gee y’all! My digital Look Book for Loved to Pieces is officially here. I cannot believe how beautiful it is and all of the yummy projects that I didn’t even know about and wow it’s amazing. Click here or the image below to see the Look Book in its entirety.

Screen Shot 2018-06-05 at 7.05.15 PM

And since I wanted to share this experience with y’all as much as I could, I recorded me looking at my Look Book for the first time and highlighted some of the projects in the video. To watch me being all extra, click here or the image below.

IMG_6245 copy.jpg

Thank you thank you thank you AGF Team for making me so legit! Amazing work! And thank you to all the makers who contributed to making my debut Look Book so amazeballs. Click on the links below to get to know each maker a little more.

Thanks to everyone. You all rock!


6 thoughts on “Loved to Pieces Look Book

  1. I loved watching you see the Look Book for the first time-genuine joy is rare in the business world. I have a question-is one able to buy a Look Book and if so how/where? Your fabric is stunning-all my favorite colors. Love keeping up with you from emails/blogs/videos

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