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I absolutely adore everything that Kristi Schroeder of Initial K Studio does. So, when she asked me to participate in her Southwest Modern Blog Hop to celebrate the launch of her spectacular new book, I jumped the chance. Excerpted from her site:

Part travel guide and part quilt book, Southwest Modern is a first in the quilting industry – never before have the rich patterns, colors and landscapes of the American Southwest served as the sole inspiration behind 18 modern, graphic quilts designed by Ms. Schroeder.


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As soon as I received the book, I waffled between making the Sandia & the Mosaic patterns and still plan to make both of them, but settled on Sandia because I knew that it would be the perfect template for me to use my stack of Pat Bravo’s Indie Folk that I had been protecting like Golem & his precious. I needed one more red fabric for the color schema I wanted and the perfect one was found in Jessica Swift‘s new Tallinn Fabrics. And to make it even more ooh la la, I decided that these fabrics would swim in a sea of Indigo Shadow Solid Smooth Denim.


So one foundation-paper-pieced star at a time, this Indie Folk unfolded, and rather quickly I must say. Every day, I committed to finishing one row, which often turned into two.

And right now, I’m on this double straight line quilting kick, which was absolute perfection for this quilt I thought. I used Ermine 40 wt Aurifil, which is beyond stunning on literally every color and just pops on denim. And for the back, I went with a Luxe Cuddle Sherpa Navy fabric from Shannon Fabrics for the back. And I since the back was so lush, I went sans batting for this one, which has now officially been dubbed going “Cuddle Commando”.

And almost immediately Helena thought she could claim it for her own and especially loves that it has Miss Pat’s fabric in it. Also, everyone say hi to Jordan! Meow.


I am beyond honored that I got the chance to participate in Kristi’s Southwest Modern Blog Hop and wholeheartedly would recommend everyone to go out and get this book.

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Also, each day each blogger will be having a giveaway of one copy of Southwest Modern. Congrats to @jeifner for winning the prize bundle for my day.


Aaaaand, Kristi will be having a mondo giveaway as well so make sure to check out her blog and social media.


While I don’t promote anything unless I legit love it, this post contains affiliate links.

140 thoughts on “Indie Folk Sandia Quilt – Southwest Modern Blog Hop

  1. It’s happening – I cut it out last night and am going to piece it today. Thanks for showing the variation of using prints with this pattern!

  2. Great quilt and fabrics! It’s making me realize that this would be the perfect pattern for my double bundle of Michael Miller Indian Summer fabrics. The denim would be a perfect accompaniment.

  3. This is such a gorgeous collection of fabrics and what an awesome quilt you made with it! I’d love to sew with it too!

  4. I’ve only been to New Mexico once – I have a feeling this book would bring it all back to me! Thanks for the chance to win!

  5. Fabulous interpretation of the Sandia quilt. Love your fabric selection! The “cuddle commando” terminology is hilarious and one I will try to remember when I do a cuddle quilt sans batting.

  6. I love this quilt! The combination of denim and these coloriful and intricate prints is absolutely inspired. Thanks so much for sharing this!

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