Knit Striped Quilt

I think I have indeed just finished making the perfect shareable snuggle quilt in both size and feel. With a knit front and a cuddle back, it’s quite literally snuggle-able no matter how you drape it.


The journey of this quilt began by me making a Quilted Knit Striped Pillow. As the idea in my head, it wasn’t my general aesthetic, so I didn’t know that I would be as obsessed with it as I was. I even created a YouTube video showing how to do the preparation and piecing of the knit component of the pillow and quilt.


So this is everything that I used for the quilt:

Okay, so I’m gonna be honest here. Knit fabric front + wool batting + cuddle backing is quite literally a pain in the ass to sew. But I know Felicia is tough and I’ve been working on my fitness so I knew I could handle it. And I’m not saying this to discourage you from this combination. However, just know that your quilting will enter into a category of what I’m calling “Organic Hot Mess Awesomeness”. I actually love the quilting and wouldn’t change a single thing about it, but boy does it have a mind of it’s own if you look too closely.

And here are some other supplies that’ll help conquer this beast if you so choose.



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3 thoughts on “Knit Striped Quilt

  1. Goodness, you are perfect in your timing with this as I’ve agreed to make my daughter a knit quilt “like Grandma used to have” (NOT at all like the cotton patchwork most use, but 1970s-era knits that she tied). Since I don’t want to tie this one, I was trying to decide how to machine quilt it with something other than “in the ditch” ~ your example is a perfect solution. THANKS!

  2. That defintiely has to be the ultimate warm snuggle quilt! I love the idea of combining the knits, wool and cuddle. I din’t think I’d be brave enough to do so, struggling to push and pull a few minky backed cotton quils tthrough my machine was workout enough for me.

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