Fabric Basket Weaving Tutorial

When I first gazed upon Jessica Swift‘s new Tallinn Fabrics collection, I knew immediately that I wanted to make this year’s Easter Basket using some of the prints. And since Helena mandated a rainbow on the sides, I pulled prints from Bari J, Dana Willard, and Maureen Cracknell to fill in the color gaps.


Here are supplies you’ll need to make this:

IMG_3103 2.jpg

Cut List

  1. From the main fabric, you will need to cut nine 2″ WOF strips.
  2. From the handles fabric, cut two 2″ WOF strips for the weaving. You’ll also need to cut two more for the top binding.I used the same fabric for these as my main fabric.
  3. From the secondary fabric(s), cut six 2″ WOF strips.
  4. From the interfacing, cut nineteen 3/4″ WOF strips.

I created a full video tutorial on my YouTube Channel that will walk you through all of the steps.

How to weave a basket fabric Weaving.png

Last year, I had made this basket using a Pellon Decor Bond interfacing with slightly different instruction, but it’s a great still-picture tutorial that can supplement my new YouTube video.



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6 thoughts on “Fabric Basket Weaving Tutorial

  1. I am ridiculously excited about stitching up two or three of these baskets!

    Fabric auditions this weekend, sewing them next weekend!

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