Rainbow Optical Illusion Woven Pillow

In my quest to knock out some recently found WIPs, I have finally finished this Rainbow Optical Illusion Woven Pillow. What began as a handful of 20 different AGF Nature and Floral Elements in a rainbow of colors turned into something pretty spectacular I think.


I had always wanted to make a rainbow version of my Optical Illusion Weave Pattern and am stoked that I finally took the time to do it. Here are some progress photos, which I milk as long as I can when working on a weave.

Checking the timestamp on Instagram, the weave portion of this pillow was finished back in January of 2017. And then it just sat on a shelf and occasionally became the background for a cool notion. Here’s the finished weave in all it’s glory.


Part of the reason this sat on a shelf for so long was because I didn’t want to waste any of the weave and so I cut it into an Octagon but then I couldn’t wrap my brain around how to use it in that shape. Then a couple weeks ago when I found it, I cut it into a 15″ x 15″ square panel, but then I couldn’t find a fabric that went well with it for the back. Then last night as I was trying to find a back again, I caught this rainbow panel that I used for my spinning seams tutorial and totally had a Eureka moment.


For it to work as a back, I just had to add 13 more squares to total 25 and a pillow back was birthed.


I used the Aurifil Iris 40 wt from my Mister Domestic’s Tool Box, which is such dreamy perfection on all of those colors. I totally consider this thread a neutral, especially when working with saturated colors. And here are some supplies I used in this project:


And here’s the back and front of this magical rainbow pillow.


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4 thoughts on “Rainbow Optical Illusion Woven Pillow

  1. This is fabulous!!! Totally off the charts beautiful and complex!!! I’d pay $120 in a artists shop for that creation!!!💕

  2. This was spot on!!! I might have a tub of wip’s hiding in my sewing area as well. I also have been working on finishing them up.

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