Woven Chevron Stocking

Y’all may or may not know that I have a 4 1/2 year old daughter named Helena. Well, her self-anointed super power is “stylish” and she has definitely taken us outside of the traditional color scheme this holiday season. This year, pink and purple and sparkles are literally everywhere in my house, so when I asked her to pick the fabric for her stocking, of course she picked the pink leopard print. She conceded with the turquoise accent fabric and the Helena-dada collaboration was pure magic.


Supplies Used:

Mathew’s Specifics:

  • Fabrics from Katarina Roccella’s Esoterra Fabrics & Pat Bravo’s Indie Folk with Art Gallery Fabrics
  • Aurifil Thread – Ermine 50 wt & Turquoise 40 wt

For step outs, full tutorial and stocking template, head to my post on the Brother Blog. Brother Expert Consultant.

For supplemental videos, head to my YouTube channel or click on the images below.

IMG_1216.PNGWoven Chevron Stocking - Just the Weave.pngWhile I don’t promote anything unless I legit love it, this post contains affiliate links.

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