Thread Balls

Last week, I was having one of those procraftination moments where I was not quite wanting to work on any of my current projects but wanting to play. And then I opened up my drawer graveyard of thread that I will not use again and had the brilliant idea to try to figure out these thread balls. After a couple misses, I figured out some tips and tricks to share.


Since Aurifil is all that I use, I found that 12 wt and floss are the quickest to use because you don’t have to double up the thread. Basically they’re the perfect thickness for this to work. I used a little too much glue on the first one seen above, which left a bunch of glue remnants after it dried. I’ve also made some using thinner thread, which are equally awesome, you just have to double up the thread to the desired thickness.

For a full tutorial, you can go to my YouTube channel, or click on the image below.

IMG_1142.PNGSo enjoy your thread balls and your pending clean drawer to store something different.


3 thoughts on “Thread Balls

  1. I shared this with my guild as a pre-Easter craft program. Everyone had so much fun and the feedback was terrific. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Those look great! Smaller ones would look cute as Christmas Tree ornaments, and they would go quicker. I’m a new follower, and I am enjoying your posts.


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