Fabriflair Trilliant Ornaments

This post is gonna be short and sweet, but I basically just have to share these uber chic Fabriflair Trilliant Ornaments that I just finished in case y’all wanted to make these too. 

So Indygo Junction has a whole slew of amazing Fabriflair ornaments and 3D epp goodness and other stuff. Legit, check them out you’ll be stoked I promise. 

For these ornaments, I decided to add some zhoosh so I ordered a whole bunch of glass beads one night right before I passed out and attached them while stitching up the ornaments with a monofilament Aurifil. If you’ve never used monofilament before, it’s super strong and made of nylon and is basically invisible.  For the fabric, I used a couple prints from Pat Bravo‘s new Indie Folk Collection

And here’s a couple indivual pictures to enjoy. 


While I don’t promote anything unless I legit love it, this post contains affiliate links.

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