Helena’s Winter Coat

When I first started sewing, never would I ever have envisioned that I would consider a faux fur, faux leather trimmed coat for Helena as an easy peasy in-betweener project. But as I stall in quilting my mondo Flowermania quilt, I decided to whip up this coat for my lady.


I didn’t use a pattern so there’s nothing to share on that front, but I cut it very similarly to Helena’s shirt dressย if you wanted to get an idea of the cuts. I picked up the faux fur at Fabric Depot and I got the faux leather from Sew Sweetness, which I would totally recommend because it’s super high quality and very pliable for sewing.


When sewing faux leather, you definitely want to get yourself a leather needle. And depending on the tack of the faux leather, you can use either a teflon or walking foot. With that combination, I was still able to use my Dove Aurifil 50 wt for all the stitching because it’s super strong and melts like butter.


Prior to working with Art Gallery Fabrics, I generally would use lining fabric or satin because you need a fabric that won’t catch and bunch your underclothes as you put it on. I’ve tried using non-AGF cottons before and it’s been a dreadful mess. However, Art Gallery Fabrics cottons have a unique hand to them that I’ve found are smooth enough to use as lining, which makes me super excited because clearly I’m obsessed. For this coat, I used the Wild Posey Bonnie Christine print from the Ethereal Fusions Collection.

And now Helena has her coat for the season and will definitely be the most fly girl in school.


5 thoughts on “Helena’s Winter Coat

  1. I LOVE this!! And I am not a fur and leather sort of person at all. The lining is gorgeous and a perfect complement. Think I might be jealous of Helena ๐Ÿ™‚

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