EPP Party Block 5 – Radiant Star

Block 5 of the EPP Party is officially cannonballing into the pool of English Paper Piecing. After the twists and turns of the Plus and Plus, we hope that the scale of the pieces in this block will be a nice reprieve.

For this block, you will need eight 8 point diamonds and twelve half square triangles. For the free template, head over to Pat’s blog. For those looking for the EPP Party Packs 1 & 2 with Paper Pieces, both are now listed on their site. 


Up until this point, I’ve been just picking whatever fabrics I wanted for my blocks that I knew would be amazeballs. But with this block, I started to think about what else I could bring to the overall quilt while making sure it was both cohesive and balanced. Even though y’all don’t know what is to come, this would be a good time to start bringing everything together.

Check out these blocks made by the EPP Party-goers using Art Gallery Fabrics.

There are no new videos, but make sure to head over to my YouTube for some laughs and stuff. 


Uber congrats to @jennifermerkley for winning the prize package for Block 4. The first party of Block 5’s prize is this oooh la la package from Violet Craft.

And Pat has also curated this wonderful 24 FQ Bundle of her fabrics. Talk about drool-worthy! 

So keep on keeping on! And don’t forget to use the hashtag #EPPParty with your progress posts on Instagram to be eligible for the prize.

9 thoughts on “EPP Party Block 5 – Radiant Star

  1. Kris it is so nice to hear that there is at least one other slow poke involved with this project. I try to get each layout accomplished in the two week time frame, but as of now I am stitching Block #2. Just keep on moving forward! Gale

    1. Thanks Gale! I’m getting closer for finishing block 2 as well. 😊 I’m glad we’re in the same boat.

  2. Love this!!! I’ve been enjoying reading the blog posts every over week and checking in on all the awesomeness, but I’m so slow and have only finished the first block. My question is does it matter if I tag the EPPparty with an old block or should I skip the others and just dive in now on this 5th block and tag to be considered for the prize? 🙂 Yay!

  3. Wow all your prizes have been amaze balls but these fabrics really are right up my street, the colours are so nickynoo x can’t wait to get started on this block and create this gorgeous star xx 💫🌟⭐️✨xx

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