Woven ProTECHtor Case – Quilting a Weave

So if you are even remotely familiar with me, you know that I’m a weaving machine. However, up until now, I’ve been skittish to quilt my weaves. In my head, I thought it would detract from the design, so I never went for it, but really I was just chicken and used that as my barrier. But since I was making a woven ProTECHtor Case, I knew that it needed to be quilted to increase it’s durability, so fear and all, I jumped right in. And boy oh boy am I super duper stoked I did because it turned out magnificently. So whether this project is your introduction to weaving or an add-on to your weaving know-how, this post is all about my new go-to quilting method for my weaves.

What I Used

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