More-Than-a-Pocket Unisex Crossbody Bag 

When Karis of Clobird Designs asked me to be one of her designers for the 2017 Club Clobird, I was all like heck to the yeah! 

I had been searching far and wide for THE PERFECT BAG for those treks where I needed more than a pocket to hold my stuff and I could never find anything stylish. And since most of my friends are women, I know first hand that there are lots of times where the ladies don’t wanna bring a full purse. And like my peeps and I know better than to wear a fanny pack because no. So I knew this was my opportunity to design that bag and I thought that if I loved it, then so would everyone else. And guess what y’all? I’m absolutely obsessed with this bag!

It’s 10″ x 9″, has an adjustable strap, three pockets (main, snap exterior and zipper interior), is super chic and surprisingly an easy sew. 

So if you wanna make this bag, you have the option to either purchase a single-month subscription for just this bag or you can join the bi-monthly subscription to receive the rest of the year. For my bag, you’ll receive both the Art Gallery Fabrics crosshatch denim, lining fabric and hardware necessary to make the bag, a spool of Aurifil thread, and some really rad novelties that I’ve picked out. Trust it’s bananas. 

Aaaand, make sure to check out the hashtag  #morethanapocketbag on Instagram to see what the testers have made because oh em gee are they amazeballs. My favorite idea was using a favorite fabric for the flap and front pocket and I made one using a print from Pat Bravo‘s Indie Boheme. 

Like who doesn’t have at least a FQ of a favorite fabric that they’d want to highlight on a bag?

You have until June 20th to sign up for the subscription to get everything you need to make the More-Than-a-Pocket Bag! You know you want one! 

7 thoughts on “More-Than-a-Pocket Unisex Crossbody Bag 

  1. I definitely NEED this bag. : ) Will the pattern be available eventually? I like your fabric choice but I would like something different for myself. Thanks.

  2. Hi,
    Saw your bag on FB and really liked it. Are the subscription patterns ever sold by themselves?

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