Aurifil Designer of the Month Blocks – 2017

When Pat Sloan reached out to me last year to be one of Aurifil‘s Designers of the Month for 2017, I think I died. Like I’m just this goober making stuff, so to think of myself as any kind of designer I was so humbled and flattered and like whaaaaat?!? So of course I jumped at the chance and my Month is May for Helena and my birthday. So in addition to designing a block for May, I have committed to myself to make my version of each block because all of these designers are boss. 


So January’s block is from Janet E Clare and, as a proud cat owner, I was super stoked to jump right in. And I wasn’t originally planning to be a total goofball but when I saw this Pug Ville Verte print from Bari J’s Joie de Vivre Fabrics, I just had to go there because it so made me lmao.


Snow February’s Dutch Treat block was from Maureen Cracknell who is as sweet and awesome as she is talented. I basically just did a darker version of what she did because we both are #AGFforlife and I had the same fabrics basically and it was bomb already so tadaaaa….


What a fun block this Scraptastic Star Block from Melissa Corry was to make. I went with a denim version, using all ten of Art Gallery Fabrics non-flower printed Denims and ooh la la am I in love. I’m foreseeing a pillow in my future. 


This A New Direction Block by Whistlepig Creek Productions was super duper fun to make. I decided to play with Amy Sinibaldi’s Charleston and Le Petites fabrics combined with denim which was way different for me and uber satisfying. 


4 thoughts on “Aurifil Designer of the Month Blocks – 2017

  1. Ok, like where is your March block? Mine is totally done usin AGF of course with some blithe thrown in. And I know how you love blithe fabric!


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