Hexagonal Sewing Box – Blithe Fabrics Blog Tour 

When Blithe Fabrics was first released, I basically could think of no other collection for a while. I felt this weird emotional connection that flooded my senses with delight and my brain with an almost infinite number of ideas. Then, I was able to complete a few, the Fabric Pinecone, the Fabric Advent Star, and the Molehills Quilt.

But there was one idea that I wasn’t able to get to before my Blithe binge had to come to an end. So when Nina asked me to participate in her blog tour, it was like the universe forcing my hand and the journey of the Blithe Fabrics Hexagonal Sewing Box began.

I had come across this Tialys Cartonnage Hexagonal Sewing Box pattern awhile ago, but like many ideas it all waited for me in my Pinterest until the right fabric emerged. And when I got my hands on the printed linen in this collection, I knew the moment had come. So if you’re interested in making your own, here are some of the supplies that I used:

So here are a bunch of progress pics…

And then here’s the real deal ooh la la pics…

And then an aerial pic to boot..

So seriously this project was gratifying on so many levels! So go ahead and made your own Hexagonal Sewing Box! And grab yourself some Blithe fabrics if you don’t have any get because the fabrics  amaaaazing.


While I don’t promote anything unless I legit love it, this post contains affiliate links. 


9 thoughts on “Hexagonal Sewing Box – Blithe Fabrics Blog Tour 

  1. This is amazing!!! Curious…with the chipboard, did you find 3mm or just glue two 1.5mm pieces together? Again, just awesome!,

  2. I love seeing what people make with my tutorial – you’ve done a great job and the fabric you’ve used to make your box is fantastic – I’m off to check out the range.

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