Ooh La La Heart Pillow – Tutorial

Okay so prior to this recent holiday season, I very rarely got inspired by holiday projects. Like I always thought they were cool and cute and stuff, but I prefer to work on projects that feel like me and most of those projects didn’t. And then this idea popped into my head that allowed me to both try new things and create some uber rad pillows that most definitely feel like a crafty inhabitant of the Boudreaux household.

Machine Used


  • For Pillow Front: Four 10.5” squares of pre-washed denim (two blue & two red)
  • For Each Envelope Pillow Back: Two 7.5″ x 10.5” squares of pre-washed denim in the color of your choice – total 4pc (two blue & two red)
  • Two complimentary thread colors
  • Two solids fabrics (and cording if you choose to make your own piping) or piping that matches the thread choices
  • 8.5” square of card stock
  • Two 10.5” squares of woven fusible interfacing
  • Fray block
  • Rotary cutter or scissors

My Choices

Reds: Art Gallery Fabrics Scarlet Brick Textured Denim & Aurora Red Pure Elements and Red 50wt Aurifil

Blues: Rainy Night Crosshatch Textured Denim & Nocturnal Pure Elements and Very Dark Navy 50wt Aurifil

To get the full tutorial, check out the full post on the Brother Blog.

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