Woven Heart Pillow

When I first started weaving fabric, I researched a bunch of traditional textile patterns to better understand how I can make the images in my head turn into modern meshwork. And one of the first ideas that I had was this woven heart, but Valentine’s Day had already passed so I waited and waited and waited until January 2017 came. So yaaaaaay!

And like I’m putting this out there with ample time for you to make your own. So if you’re down, here are the supplies you will need:

  1. Heart Weave Large Pattern
  2. WEFTY needle
  3. Fabric per pattern
  4. Pellon SF101 woven fusible interfacing
  5. Foam board
  6. Straight pins

So with all my supplies in hand, I got my weave on.

And like during my Tumbling Blocks Weave Along, I noticed all of these wonderful projects where the participants quilted their weave, so I decided to stop being scared and I went for it with this. I basically stitched in the ditch with Aurifil 40 wt red thread and omg I fell in love. And tadaaaaaa…. here’s my final pillow. 

So come on and make yourself a pillow or bag or whatever using this weave. You’ve got plenty of time before Valentine’s Day to get your own weave on.

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