Off the Chain Woven Box

Once upon a time in a land far far away, a lovely Queen of Weave named Tara invited this Uber Goober named Mathew to join her on a project with Make Modern Magazine. Since Queen Tara was the bomb dot com and he loved her with all of his heart, he jumped with glee at the opportunity to work on something with her and said yes. They had so much fun, as they always do, and the work basically felt like a party for them both. And now the party has been opened to the public for all the enjoy. The end.

So yaaaaay! Forever and ever this will be my first published work as Mister Domestic and I’m so super stoked that it was with my good friend Tara.  We worked on creating the Off the Chain Weave pattern together. Here’s my weave using the pattern.

And I totally sliced my weave in half for my project. Like who does that?!? But legit the box I made with it turned out beyond bananas.

If you wanna check out the article on us or get our pattern and projects, then you can purchase a digital copy of Issue 14 of Make Modern Magazine by clicking on the picture.

And if you’re anywhere near the Portland area, I’ll be teaching a 2-day class at Fabric Depot of both the pattern and my box project on January 14 & 21. So make sure to reserve your spots now by clicking on the picture below.

So seriously this was an absolute blast and I’m stoked to be able to share it all with you. Such an honor indeed.

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