Woven Hexie Ornament Tutorial

So clearly I’m feeling this whole homemade ornament thing this year. Before the season began, this was the only one I was going to make, so I couldn’t let the holidays pass without making at least one and sharing it with y’all. I originally had the idea to make woven hexie ornaments when I had leftover weave from my Oh How Sweet Zipped Case and yaaaay I did it! I did it! Now let me tell you how I got from A to Z. #wovenhexie

Okay so like this is a total scrappy/ charm-square-friendly project. And if you’ve never woven fabric and have been all scurred or intimidated, get over it because this is so manageable even though it has a bunch of steps. So here are the tools you need:

  1. Fabric 
  2. Thread
  3. WEFTY
  4. Grommets (optional)
  5. 1/8″ ribbon
  6. Pins
  7. Small foam board
  8. Marker
  9. Ruler with 30 degree angle on it or use this downloadable one.
  10. Tape


So your board needs to look like this.

To get there, draw three horizontal lines 1.5″ apart. Then draw lines going 30 degrees both ways on an imaginary horizontal line also 1.5″ apart. Boom there you go.


  1. Cut 3″ strips of whatever fabric you wanna use. I used two colors and needed a 30″ strip of each color.
  2. Then iron the length of the strips with the edges folded into the center. 
  3. Next fold in half lengthwise and iron it and then top stitch on both sides of the pressed strip.
  4. Cut these finished strips into 5″ pieces. You should end up with 6 of each color.


Layer 1

Pin down the four vertical strips right next to each other.

Layer 2

Start weaving from the bottom up using this pattern from the right to left:

  • Over one, under two, over one
  • Under one, over one, under two
  • Under two, over one, under one
  • Over one, under two, over one

Layer 3

Follow these pictures.

Pat yourself on the back and stare at what you did for a minute or two or five.

First you need to secure your weave with tape. Place a piece of tape on the inside of the edge of the woven hexie part.

Unpin your weave. No worries it’ll be all good.

Now, using a stitch length of 1.4, sew right on the outside of the tape that forms the hexagon. Once you’ve secured the perimeter, remove the tape and trim 1/4″ outside of this stitch line.

Once again pause and look at what you just did and happy clap.


Cut a strip 1.5″ wide. Iron it like the strips you did up top but don’t edge stitch it.

With this folded strip, glue baste in place. I mean like if you wanna be all brave and bind it on the regular, go for it, but I glued first. 

When you get to the end, snip it and fold it as such.

Next edge stitch the binding onto the hexie and boom you have your pre-ornament woven hexie. And like legit I see so many things you can do with this so if you ain’t into ornaments, make yourself a coaster or something.

And now I all used a grommet and ribbon to hang on my tree and I’m not gonna teach you that, but loooook. And if you make one use the hashtag #wovenhexie so we can all see.

Seriously this makes me all happy. A year ago around this time I did my first weave and now I all made a woven hexie ornament. Such a cool journey this has been!

3 thoughts on “Woven Hexie Ornament Tutorial

  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Now I can start (another) project!! I knit, crochet, see, paint and wood craft!! Now I can weave!!


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