Blithe Molehills Quilt

Okay so deadlines are gross. And sewing propelled by anxiety of such deadlines is even grosser. It totally sucks the joy out of sewing for me and has led me to start unconsciously pulling out my hair out, so like I’m trying to limit my sewing deadlines as much as possible because I’d like to keep my hair. But when Nina asked me to make something for her lookbook, I didn’t even hesitate because I knew the journey would be pure joy regardless. And boy was it.

When I first laid my eyes on the entire Blithe Fabrics collection, I was absolutely blown away with its haunting elegance and I was overcome with inspiration. Within the ideas spinning in my head, I knew that I wanted to make a throw quilt that I could snuggle under in my living room. I had a different layout in my head until my good friend Tara (aka T_jaye) gave me Latifah Saafir‘s Molehills Quilt as a prezzy.

I shrank the pattern down to 60% because I thought it would be a better size for the fussy cuts that I was planning. I also decided to maintain the separation in the two colors ways with some Pure Elements additions.

Once I created these sets, I basically just kept filling in my design board and moving stuff around until I got the feels.

Next it was time to sew up these puppies, which honestly was pretty easy since I’d already figured it out when I did my clamshells. For some tips on sewing curves, head over to my Brother blog on the subject. 

For the quilting, I wanted it to feel both organic and supported by a design within the collection. So I opted for imperfect vertical lines using a dark gray Aurifil 80wt that mimicked the Glacier Path prints in the collection. And quilting using the Muvit Dual Feed foot and laser on my Dream Weaver did the deed swimmingly.

And she totally had a photoshoot out on the town when I was finished.

Okay, now it’s time to snuggle. 

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  1. Great inspiration for a Molehill quilt I’m planning to make. This is my favorite among the many I’ve found online! Thanks!

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