Beanies Beanies Beanies: Tutorial

To be honest, my desire to make beanies may have partially been motivated by the recent realization that I’m losing my hair. But mostly, every year, as winter approaches, I always tell myself that I’m going to make beanies, but then I don’t. So then I tough it out until my head gets super cold and I end up impulse buying some on the Internet and when they come I shake my head at myself because I know that I could’ve made some that were way cooler and way cheaper than what showed up.

This year, however, I’ve totally broken the cycle and I wanted to share with all of y’all how easy breezy they are to make on a domestic machine. And I sewed them on both Felicia and Chet (both Domestic machines) so there’s no excuse not to make one.

To find out how, head over to my post on the Brother Blog. Legit, even if you’ve never seen with knit before, it’s totally manageable and I’m here with any questions. 

Enjoy keeping your noggins warm… and cute. 

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