Fabric Pinecone Tutorial

Since I’m legit burnt out on doing epic projects, I’ve decided to use this holiday season for practical achievable projects. And if I can do them on the couch catching up on Netflix even better. Well lookie lookie at my cookie because this project most def fits the bill. 

What you’ll need:

  1. Foam eggs
  2. Appliqué pins
  3. Fabric (I used Blithe Fabrics by Katarina Roccella)
  4. Thin ribbon (I used 1/8″ but anything 1/2″ or under would be cute)
  5. One long pin
  6. Hot glue gun (optional)

Preparing the Fabric

  • Cut fabric into 2″ strips
  • Cut two squares from one of the strips and put aside for later
  • With the rest of the strips, fold them length-wise and press
  • Cut these strips into 2″ long pieces

Now once you’ve got you’re fabric ready and the rest of the supplies on your project tray (ps I don’t have one but I’m pretending), go cop a squat somewhere and get ready for some fun.

Pinecone Magic

With one of the squares that you put aside, cut it a little smaller and attach to the bottom of the egg.

Now the magic starts. You’re going to take one 2″ strip at a time and fold it to make a triangle.

Then, place a triangle with fold underneath over each of the pins on the four points of the square.

Then you’ll take another four triangles and move up like just a smidge (1/8″ to 1/4″) to cover up the pins of the previous layer.

And you keep doing this until you reach this part of the egg.

At this point, the triangles become too wide, so you’ll need to fold them more narrowly. 

Now using these narrow triangles, continue the pattern upward until you’ve almost covered the egg completely.

Now with the other square that you put aside, fold the four corners into the center and press.

Take this square and use it to cover up any exposed pins heads. I used hot glue here, but a pin down the center would work if you don’t have any.

Now with ribbon and long pin in hand, loop the ribbon onto the pin as many times as you’re feeling making sure to leave one loop longer than the others to hang the ornament. Now stick that long pin into the top of the cone (with a speck of hot glue if you’ve got it) and boom, you’ve got yourself a baller pinecone ornament. And if you make one of these babies, use the hashtag #fabricpinecone so we can all see your beauteousness.

Happy holidays y’all!

23 thoughts on “Fabric Pinecone Tutorial

    1. Thanks Mathew!!!! This is just too cool! You detail the creating of these pine cones so great you make it all seem so easy. I believe I can make them also.

  1. I’m going to sound really old, but I’m not! I have been making these with no-wire ribbon for decades!

    They are beautiful with fabric too!

    Thanks for sharing the beauty.

  2. Best tutorial for these! Now I know how to finish the top so it looks as pretty as the rest. Thanks and happy holidays

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