Fabric Soccer Ball

I’ve been wanting to make fabric soccer balls for more than a minute, but the endless queue of projects never created the space for it. And now that I have, I’m super stoked at the final product and even more stoked to share the pattern with y’all. 

So there are two ways to get the pattern. The first option is getting a free copy sent to you by signing up for my newsletter. But don’t like signup and then unsubscribe because that’s lame. And the second option is purchasing it on my craftsy if you’re one of those folks that don’t like to get on people’s lists.

9 thoughts on “Fabric Soccer Ball

  1. I could’ve sworn I was already subscribed to your newsletter. So when I read that you had to subscribe to get a copy of the soccer ball pattern I was like “Heeeey! What the heck, where’s my copy?!” Gotta whip up one of these with some crinkle or a baby safe rattle inside for the new little one. Thanks Mateo!

  2. I think my boss lady cat would love one of these filled with stuffing and a little cat nip! I actually have a bunch of hexies leftover from a grandmother’s flower garden top that I will probably sitll be making for the next decade. Hand sewing, you know…

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