Holiday Maize Tunic

When Laura from Petite Stitchery asked me if I was interested in making a holiday version of the Maize dress, I didn’t hesitate to say yes. For one, she’s super rad and sweet. Then, omg the pattern is beyond adorbs. And finally, holidaaaaaay!

So the request came with one specific of using the Cherry Crimson Outland Yarn Dyed. And I was totally happy to oblige because I had some and it’s soft and yummy. And I had enough of the Vanilla Mist to throw into the mix for the woven bodice. Here are a couple super fun progress photos of the weave.

I didn’t have enough of the white to do the same pattern for the back, which turned into awesomeness because the variation between the two is rad.

And that keyhole in the back. Whaaaat?!?? Cuteness overload. I used the Winnow Frock Dahlia from Hello, Ollie for the lining and went with the tie back version of the pattern because booowwws!

And then like I didn’t have enough of the yarn dyed to make the dress, so I went with the tunic version. And with just enough white for the cuffs, the Holiday Maize Tunic was born.

And since I finished it in time to send down to Louisiana for a fancy photo shoot, I also have a photo of Mia (Laura’s super super fabulous daughter) modeling it for the lookbook.

And that headband from Greenwater Boutique…. like what?!? So ethereal yet hip and Mia is werking them both!

Happy holidays y’all! 

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