54″ x 54″ Woven Denim Quilt

So, um, okay, I’ve decided I’m basically crazy. So now that that’s out of the way…. OMG!!!!!!!! I can’t believe this came out of my brain and then I made this. What the what?!? Insanity (and not like the crazy I referred to before, rather more like bananas, bonkers, bomb…. hehe alliteration). 

So when I was asked to be a part of the AGF Denim Blog Tour 2.0, I immediately knew that I wanted to make a denim quilt out of woven panels. I did a very basic “mock up” in Excel and guessed almost correctly on what I needed. Tada here it is:

So okay that was months ago and I was like no problem I can just do a little at a time and it’ll be easy breezy. But then like I did like a smidge at a time and then all of a sudden had to find an extra 100+ hours to finish this in a couple weeks. See that’s the crazy crazy. Let’s just say I’m gonna sleep well tonight. But I digress.

So to make it even more extra, I decided that I wanted the quilt to be a double sided weave, so I had to make tubes instead of bias tape, which was way cute at first. See:

What you didn’t see in the mock up was that I was going to throw in the new yarn dyes at random in the denim gradient, which to toot my horn I think was genius. But anyhoo then I got to weaving the 36 9″ panels. Here’s some pretty pictures because like a long diatribe about the struggle being real is lame, but just imagine and then make it really dramatic in your head for fun. But um okay pictures:

So then I knew I wanted to continue the dominant colors in each area in the sashing (thanks Nicole for teaching me that this is a quilty thang and not totally making fun of me for calling them the in-betweeners). I did all of the vertical first and then went in with the horizontal. And let me tell you double sided sashing that has to be secured with a topstitch is major and not something to undertake in the 11th hour. But I did and it’s cute so yaaaaay!

So, um, here are the pics of my 54″ x 54″ Woven Denim Quilt. Yaaaaay!

And like this was a blog tour, so head on over to check out the other participants’ ├╝ber rad creations. Here was the weeks line up:

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Wednesday – Sarah http://www.sariditty.com/

Thursday – Jenn http://gingerpeachstudio.com/

Friday – Mathew (you are here) 

Ooooh ooooh and check me out gabbing about The Denim Studio by AGF on their YouTube Channel.

Peace Love and Fabric!

16 thoughts on “54″ x 54″ Woven Denim Quilt

  1. just looked at your woven denim quilt top it is simply beautiful can you please tell me how much denim it took to make your 54×54 denim top

  2. Is there a tutorial for this? It’s amazing! I have questions about the double sided sashing as well as how to turn the tubes right side out…seems like it would be super challenging with such a thick stiff fabric. Thanks!

    1. I tried and without anything but a knitting needle and my fingers, it took me a generous 10 minutes for a tube of 23cm. It IS possible but you need a lot of patience …

  3. That is without doubt the most amazing quilt I have ever seen! Stay your kind of crazy! I cannot wait to see where it will take you!

  4. That’s is simply awesome! What a great idea. I wish I could start a project like this… but I’d never get it finished in my lifetime!

  5. How much does this quilt weigh? Is it heavier than a typical quilt its size? Is there a tutorial on this technique? This is amazingly beautiful!!!

  6. Yes, you are crazy; but crazy genius! Never stop being like this. I’m sure that attitude will take you places you never thought possible. This quilt is so awesome!! I just love it.

  7. It’s beautiful! I love the splashes of color throughout. They really add interest and movement to an already awesome design. Great job! Thanks for sharing your journey on the blog. It was a fun read.

  8. Oh my goodness! Thank you for your crazy I adore it! These pix are banana fantastic. I love your inner genius and that you go with your hunches – so right on! Thanks for sharing your “pain”.

    I would love to see what this feels like. I hope you get a tutorial together maybe I’ll make one in 2017! Vermont gets cold and I imagine this would do the warm-up trick!

  9. This quilt is awesomely beautiful. I love seeing your work and especially reading your stories as you share – they always put a smile on my face. Thank you!

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