Lillyella Wicked Weaver 

When Nicole of Lillyella asked me to pattern test her new Wicked Weaver pattern, I jumped at the chance because (1) she’s super rad and awesome and (2) her patterns are legit. Like #2legit2quit even. 

So I immediately knew that I wanted to do either a blue or green spider. After officially getting the heebie jeebies from looking at spider pictures, I landed on this color story.

Right away, I knew I had a winner on my hands going with the blue and this uber rad Lecien L’s Modern fabric to make the spider web. 

Like this was rad all by itself, but I wanted to add some oomph, so I decided to embroider some details even though I’d never done it before. I found a couple pictures of flies and then practiced until it looked fly. 😜 

Never in my life did I ever imagine I would stare so closely at pictures of real life 🕷and flies for detail inspiration, but I have survived with only minor trauma so Yaaaaay! 

The different weights of Aurifil Thread totally resuscitated me and brought a depth to this mini that I’m super stoked I explored. The black floss used for the flies allowed me a variance that was perfection and the use of 12wt for the web brought the natural flow of the #Lecien background to life. Thanks @lillyellasworld for entrusting me with this #wickedweaverpattern because it was loads of fun! As far as I’m concerned, everyone needs one of these ladies in their home!

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