Optical Illusion Weave Pattern

So basically I start every project with the following question: “I wonder what that will look like?” Sometimes I have a general idea, but mostly I feel like I’m just winging it, trusting my gut and basically just enjoying the journey. Well this internal dialogue through fabric led me to creating this optical illusion weave. The first time I made one, I was blown away by the response and I never imagined that it would bring me to today, the day I released the pattern.

What the what? How did this happen? This is so crazy to me. And like amazing and talented people tested the pattern for me before I released it. Check out the hashtag #domesticillusion on Instagram to see their amazing work.

Now before I created the pattern, I came up with four color ways, two of which are included in the pattern and two more that were woven by Crystal @clothalbatross & Beth @be_the_bag.

I started with the POOL version, which has a delicious gradient of teals. Here are some fun progress shots:

The second one is the FIRE version, which blew me away once it was all woven together:

Here’s the ASH and color way done by Beth @be_the_bag

Here’s the BERRY color way that was woven by Crystal @clothalbatross:

And like these panels can be part of a bag or a mini quilt or anything that floats your boat, but I turned them into pillows because pillows rock.

Seriously y’all, weaving is fundamental!

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