I am over-the-moon excited that this day has finally come because it has been a long time in the making. Today, I announce that Art Gallery Fabrics has officially put a ring on it, as I will be their new AGF Sewcialite. Do what? What’s that? Well it’s kinda sorta like a brand ambassador, but amped up and appropriate for my personality, which is 100% gooberific. But what does that mean exactly (Yes, I’m having a conversation with myself)? Well, from this moment forward I will be working exclusively with Art Gallery Fabrics for ALL of my future projects. Also, expect me to be even more sewcial on the interweb, inviting y’all to participate in Weave-alongs and Sew-alongs, hosting various blog tours, having uber fun give-always, and a whole bunch of out-of-the-box stuff that’ll be super fun but I am not gonna tell you about yet because. Basically, this just means we are all gonna have an even bigger fabric party than we already are.

So why AGF? Well, y’all may or may not know this, but our relationship began very early on with Mister Domestic, when I think I had around 500 Instagram followers. They saw something in me that I didn’t even realize and I owe a lot of my growth to their continued support and feedback. And like every single person that I’ve interacted with at AGF is super rad and friendly and humble and omg soooo talented. But like this, by itself, is what would put someone in the friend zone, not make me wanna marry them.

What made me finally say yes was their fabric. O.M.G. their fabric is L.I.F.E. First, when they say “feel the difference,” they really mean it. Starting out sewing apparel and my time working as a model made me really yearn for fabrics that feel ooh la la. Legit, if you haven’t felt them yet, go find some and caress them.

And second, their selection is bomb. Like they have everything that I need. If you don’t know this already, denim is my jam. And the Denim Studio by AGF is like that slow-boil, pectin-free, homemade jam made with fresh berries during peak season. And, y’all probably don’t know this, but I am generally petrified of prints. Like I considered myself a simple print / solids kinda sewist. But their collections get me all fired up. Like all of them. They are fresh, innovative, well-thought-out, tasteful, and even edgy & quirky sometimes, basically everything that I aspire to be when I grow up. And then, to top it all off, they have multiple substrates that are just as top-notch. Like if you’ve never worked with knit, voile, or canvas, it’s totally my personal mission to spread the word of their awesomeness.

So to celebrate my joining the AGF team, I will be giving away 10 of these new #AGFforlife t-shirts, which you see me sporting in this pic. 5 can be won on my Instagram and the other 5 can be won here. To enter here, simply follow the instructions in this raffle to enter: Mister Domestic Giveaway. Congratulations to the winners of the raffle: Tina G, Mandy M, Angela P, Becky K & Sharon S!!!

And congrats to the following winners from Instagram!

Also, if you wanna learn a little bit more about me and my fabric journey, head over to the AGF blog to read my interview.

6 thoughts on “#AGFforlife

  1. Matt,
    Your writing is just as colorful and fun as your sewing! Congratulations on this step. They knew what they were doing to hitch their products to your star!

  2. Congratulations!! I found you on IG and love love love your work! You inspired me to buy the wefty needle to try fabric weaving. Can’t wait to see what you’ll be up to next!

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