Oh How Sweet! Zipped Case

I had been waiting for the right opportunity to make this Zipped Case by Oh How Sweet Co and I knew as soon as I received this month’s selection for Quilter’s Square‘s kona solids stash club that this would be the moment. 

Like in my head, there was no going wrong with this palette, so I decided to try a triaxial weave that I have since named Kaleidoscope. Here’s a bunch of progress pictures that were rad in their own right.

I also had another idea of creating woven wall art, so I left one raw side super long to see how it would look hanging up. And oh my did it blow my mind.

The next step was cutting it to the right dimensions for the case, which honestly hurt my heart a little, but then it let me play with another idea with the leftover weave: woven hexies.

I went with the Robert Kaufman metallic Essex linens for the inside and binding and a variegated black and white aurifil thread.

The pattern called for only one pocket, but Melissa had also done a double pocket version, so that’s where I went…. Because pockets are awesome sauce.

Once I hand bound the case, I immediately fell in love and was super stoked that I took a few risks to make this happen because they totally paid off.

Seriously this tutorial was super awesome and manageable and I would encourage anyone to try this out if they want a rad case.

19 thoughts on “Oh How Sweet! Zipped Case

  1. Absolutely love this; the colors are just perfect. Just wondering if you made the case just like her tutorial or did you leave out the soft and stable because your cover would have been thicker due to the weaving.

  2. Love the whole project and can’t wait to try it myself. What did you do with the hexies? Are they just hanging out somewhere?
    p.s. You were great on sit n sew. I am a fan 🙂

      1. Oh my gosh! That has to be such a time consuming project before you even get to the weaving. That’s a whole lot of love going in just one project.

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