Mini Backpack

The first time I gazed upon this uber rad Boardwalk Delight collection from MADE everyday with Dana with Art Gallery Fabrics, I knew exactly what I wanted to make because I had it pinned in my Pinterest: the Mini Backpack from Petite a Petite + Family.

I kinda sorta had an idea where I wanted each fabric to go in the pattern, so I cut it up and voila: a backpack in the making. 

However, once I started quilting, I had a sudden existential crisis because the fabric I was using for the inside totally began to sing once it was quilted with my Blossom Pink Aurifil thread.

Thank goodness I was also using it for the front pocket because it was an 11 out of 10.

This was about the time that Helena kept trying to snatch the unfinished panels, so I sat down and cranked it out until I was finished. 

Like seriously, the YouTube tutorial is awesome, so give it a whirl!! You won’t be disappointed. 

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